King of Baking OST

OST’s…how do I describe my love-hate relationship with them? They can range from the lovey-dovey holding hands upbeat ‘oh how i love being with you’ song to the tear-jerking ‘please don’t forget me’ song when lovers are breaking up and to the angsty ‘i’m getting revenge but i still love you’ song. As annoying as they are when being played over 10 times per episode, after the drama ends, I have to have those songs on my iPod. And whenever I hear them after a while, I am compelled to rewatch the series, or at least fast forward to the scenes I love the most…aka when Gu Junpyo from Boys Over Flowers rescue Jandi from her bullying classmates, or when Park Hae Young from My Princess catches Lee Seol by the water fountain when they reunite after two months.

In the King of Baking OST,  the main song that stood out to me was Lee Seung Chul’s ‘That Person‘. Played towards the latter half of the series, this song covered almost all of the ‘i miss you’ moments of the series. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun also did a great job on ‘Hope is a Dream that Doesn’t Sleep‘. But what I was surprised to find out was that our own Tak Gu (the grown-up version) had his own song, ‘Only You’, as part of the OST as well. I might have been fast forwarding too much because I either completely missed this song or just brushed it off as another emotional ballad that played whenever someone was crying.

I think that Yoon Si Yoon has an unique voice, but still not quite up to par as a true Korean ballad singer. While googling more about him, as I do to every male lead after I finish a drama, I discovered more of his songs. One song I particularly liked was:

This is the typical Korean song/mv. A guy/girl relationship, some angst between the two, heavy makeup on both male and female (notice how big Si Yoon’s eyes have become), and a catchy upbeat tempo.

But I digress…

Overall, I think that the songs in the soundtrack are pretty decent. Not enough variety though to cover my tastes (I particularly like more upbeat songs) and definitely too overplayed throughout the dramas. Nowadays, it’s common for a drama to release 3 or even 4 OST’s. This is definitely too much and that means basically a song played every 5 minutes. I liked how King of Baking had a lot of conversational moments that were not diluted by a song in the background. It emphasizes the actors’ and actresses’ talent that much more, and boy were they good.


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