Midas [Ep. 1-10 Review]

It’s funny that I’m watching “a business drama about mergers and acquisitions between companies” (seriously this is the synopsis on Drama Wiki) while studying business. I’m under the pretense that I’m learning something educational from the drama, but really, I only look forward to the relationship scenes. But despite my desire for these impossible and imaginary relationship between rich guy/poor girl, I really did learn a bit about finance and how to make money.

So the story first begins with a successful businessman/lawyer/perfect boyfriend, Kim Do Hyun, played by Jang Hyuk, graduating from law school and looking for a job.

The essential male lead shower scene….aka abs galore! And seriously, as creampuff007 puts it, they need to have a different pose. I don’t know about guys, but I never stand in the shower, leaning on the wall with one hand, getting my face splashed and water running down my abs.

His girlfriend, Jung Yeon, played by Lee Ming Jung, is a nurse and is so pretty and sweet that I can die from jealous watching her. Together, they are the perfect couple. And of course, this perfection does not last long in Kdramaland. Do Hyun enters into the manipulative and greedy world of Yoo In Hye, an ultra-successful businesswoman with eyes set to take over the world. And of course, she plays the antagonist in breaking our perfect couple apart.

Soon enough, Do Hyun is quickly becoming rich and powerful through his job of assisting In Hye in destroying then taking over big companies. It’s really interesting to see how they would actually bring down a big corporation by just having a couple of guys in an office selling stocks when Do Hyun says ‘go’. If this actually happened in real life and we got away with insider trading and stock manipulation, how rich would all of us be by now?? Now that I think about it, maybe this drama is giving us tips. I wonder how many idiots would take this drama seriously and actually commit the fraud that the characters do?

It only takes 5 people to bring down a big bank and become overnight millionaires. You should try it out with your friends too!

Ok, so back to the drama. After breaking up with Do Hyun for being like ‘a total stranger’ (hey, I wouldn’t mind a total stranger if he’s rich and powerful, but ok this is Kdramaland where your conscious wins over greed), Jung Yeon starts hanging out with In Hye’s little brother, Myung Joon, played by hottie Noh Min Woo. He is dying of cancer (of course, in Kdramaland, at least one person has to have a terminal illness) and Jung Yeon serves as his private nurse. He proposes that she gets revenge on his sister for blinding Do Hyun with greed, with the condition that she stays by his side until he dies (aw isn’t that sweet?). Myung Joon has seen what greed has done to his family and wants somebody to stop his sister before it’s too late.

Hot chaebol with nice car…leave your number for me too!

So far, I’m pretty satisfied with the drama. Kept me entertained for the night. Although there were a lot of unnecessary subplots, like Do Hyun’s father’s crazy schemes, I enjoyed the main theme. It is a very serious drama, with so much emphasis placed on the power of greed and manipulation of money and people. Although each episode begins with a disclaimer that the drama does not represent any actual incidents, I can’t help but to link what has recently happened in the financial world to the plot of the drama. I think that Midas did an excellent job in portraying the motives and desires of each character and how it plays in with doing business.


2 thoughts on “Midas [Ep. 1-10 Review]

  1. Why can’t powerful women who set their eyes on taking over the world ever be the protagonist? I feel bad for her already. She probably feels alone in this world.

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