Just two unemployed college graduates wasting their parents’ money on tuition by watching dramas all day long in their rooms…

But seriously, we watch a lot of dramas. (And between the two of us, I bet we can cover more than 75% of all Korean, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and Japanese dramas ever produced within the last 7 years.) We love to talk about dramas. So we decided we should blog about dramas.

Feel free to drop by and show us some love.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. You guys are awesome!! but i don’t think you guys are kids anymore 😉
    what does grntealatte means?

  2. Found your blog while looking for the King of Baking ost (I just watched last week). I had no idea there were two authors and I’m taking a guess that you’re both girls, maybe i’m wrong? Anyway I really love your blog and the way you write, you remind me of the times when I’m watching a drama by myself and wish I had someone to talk to about what’s happening, the characters and so on. So um, forgive me if i like every post and make comments, you can see it as me catching up. Thanks:)

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