Dear Episodes 7 and 8 of Cheongdamdong Alice, I hate you

CheongDamDong Alice ep7

You’d probably understand how pathetic my social life is when you find out how upset I got at two episodes of a Korean drama. But that feeling of getting to know all of these characters and flying on an emotional high because you didn’t think a story so sweet can exist, and then getting shot down in a matter of minutes is … crushing, to say the least. The last few episodes of CCD Alice (eps 3-6 to be precise) were like crack (as described by hartofseeker). I couldn’t stop thinking about the story, replaying scenes of PSH and MGY’s interactions over and over in my head. I re-visted soompi forums (which I don’t usually do), and I would constantly check the internet for potential previews, BTS (Behind the scenes), and rewatching my favorite scenes incessantly. All of this while studying for finals. I had anticipated that a nasty angst-filled twist will follow, but I thought the authors would handle it better.

Spoilers ahead…

1. that effing kiss

CheongDamDong Alice ep8_7 CheongDamDong Alice ep8_6I was all for PSH and MGY to kiss. Their chemistry at the end of episode 6 was so right, and a kiss would’ve sealed the deal. It would’ve been an expression of how they mutually felt towards one another, a confirmation of sorts. But when it finally happened, it happened at such a bad time and at such a cost to both our characters. It confirmed nothing except that Seung Jo (PSH) is the most adorable man-child in the world. It made us love him even more, and definitely at the cost of starting to dislike our heroine. Seung Jo was squealing like a little girl and tormented at his misreading the signs. He worried that perhaps he did not take Se Kyung’s feelings into consideration. He worried that he might have been too forceful and my goodness, his scenes with his cute doctor friend made my heart keel over. I knew he’ll get hurt, I knew it was coming, but damn it I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fast forwarded through the scenes because I couldn’t take the build up. I couldn’t sit through and watch how cute and in love he was, knowing that he’ll be emotionally crippled in the next scene. So my question is, what was the point of that kiss except for us to hate Se Kyung even more? Is that what you want writer-nim?

CheongDamDong Alice ep8_3 CheongDamDong Alice ep8_2

2. se kyung

Why is it that I hate her now. I love Moon Geun Young so much and she must be doing a great job at her role, because my love for the actress and distaste for the character is making me bipolar. So what is Se Kyung’s deal anyways? I thought she was going to become an unabashed gold digger. She was going to pursue what she wanted, and as she’s recited numerous times, if you go black, go all the way black. I hate how she’s dilly-dallying between two extremes. Now that I think about it, I really don’t understand her character. I was just too in love with MGY, I totally disregarded Se Kyung. I personified MGY’s earnestness onto the heroine, not having considered that perhaps, she’s not suppose to be a smart, confident, and brazen girl trying to make her way into a different social tier. Perhaps she’s suppose to depict the growing stages of someone learning to become manipulative and self-hating.

Han Se Kyung ep8

I understand that this game is about manipulation and cunning, trying to find yourself a rich man, but the moment you start emotionally stabbing someone you love, you’re a lost cause. You’re just hurting yourself more than anyone else. The hurt MGY relayed to us felt so real, and yet, it made me angrier when I realized she was going to use Seung Jo not as the white rabbit, but as her goal in Cheongdamdong. Listen to Yoon Joo! She said not to mix love and business. If you’re going black, go all the way black. My goodness, how is it that I am connecting with Yoon Joo now. She’s the only sane, intelligent caricature left in the drama. Her advice to Se Kyung was golden. Her words to Seung Jo were even better. Seung Jo, I love you, but as a man, as a lover, if you want to stop the vicious cycle of getting hurt, you need to learn that not everything is black and white. You have to learn who you are, what you are, and how your baggage will ultimately always destroy the women you love. Learn to deal with your father first. Grow, and then venture out into the drama dating scene again. (Because if this was real life, Mr. Cha, I’d protect you. lol)

My goodness, how is it that I’m relating to Yoon Joo now. This drama, I swear.

3. tommy hong

Tommy Hong Ep 8

Really now, a misplaced cellphone? I thought this drama was fresh and thought through, but a misplaced cellphone? This is how you will break up our OTP? Tommy Hong, you did not grow on me at all. I can’t like you in any way. The disgust that I felt when he poured soy sauce on Se Kyung has multiplied. I can’t believe he’s the second lead, if he was the villain, it’d be more believable. Does he even have any designer talents? Because all he ever does is matchmake rich people. (Does anyone besides Seung Jo have any talent in this show? Come on, this is suppose to be about how smart talented people can’t make it because of social circumstances. Show us your talent.) What is Tommy Hong’s role in this entire story? There’s so much angst already, and even without him, Sk and Sj have so many problems of their own, mostly owing to lies they both told.

4. In Hwa’s hair

CheongDamDong Alice ep8

I really have no real problem with In Hwa at the moment. I don’t see her as a threat, and I love a woman that’s confident and is not afraid to put herself out there. I can’t say I love her because I really don’t care about her… but my goodness, am I the only one that was a little appalled by her hair style?

Misc happy thoughts…

Now to save this post from being too negative, here are some of my misc thoughts:

1. Dr. Dong Wook

This is definitely a drama. Let me tell you that the director of our psychiatry clerkship looks a little looney himself and nothing like Dr. Dong Wook here. Goodness, if only real physicians look like this, I’d be even more glad I chose medicine.

CheongDamDong Alice ep8_4

2. The bromance trio

Haha, they’re a riot when they’re together. Why don’t they have awesome girlfriends in Korean dramas… or maybe just awesome friends of both genders, ya know, like in real life. Huh, how about it writer-nim? Can we love the women in the show again? Please stop antagonizing them.

CheongDamDong Alice ep8_5


2 thoughts on “Dear Episodes 7 and 8 of Cheongdamdong Alice, I hate you

  1. I feel your pain. But I can’t agree that Yoon Joo is sane. All of her advice so far is faulty. Se Kyung is dumb for even listening to her. Yoon Joo is on the verge of collapse because her plan wasn’t all that solid!

    Love, love, love the adorkable Seung Jo and Dr. Dong Wook. Yum!

  2. I really don’t like se Kyung character, she seems to be able to think for yourself. I llike more the innocent girl and the bad man if you know what I mean….. I don’t want her to hurt PHH ❤ ❤

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