Currently Watching: Arang And The Magistrate

The perfect Korean couple has been born: Shin Min Ah and Lee Jun Ki are the perfect combination of romance, wit, and comedy. Seriously, can these two get any cuter? I’ve never watched Lee Jun Ki in a drama before (Shocking, right?), and now I’m starting to regret it. He’s the bad boy, the gentle guy, and the rambunctious little rascal that you can’t get enough of.

Shin Min Ah is beautiful as always. And I love her in roles that are spunky and empowering. The evolution of k-drama couples have shifted from the shy girl-gentle guy to the spunky girl-spunky guy pairings. It’s awesome and a testament to our society that as women, we do not have to be the submissive shy girl waiting for the guy to approach us first. Roles that Shin Min Ah pulls off are a great examples for us girls to follow. *Hint: Be as mean as you can to the guy at first, and pretty soon he’ll fall for you.

I’m not going to do a recap since every other blogger and their mothers are obsessing over this drama and writing the same things. I’ll just share my thoughts on the plot (which is excellent so far) and the actors. Can’t wait for Wed. and Thurs. every week 🙂


One thought on “Currently Watching: Arang And The Magistrate

  1. You never saw My Girl?!!? Lee Jun Ki made wearing cross earrings masculine in that drama… not that I liked the drama, I never even finished it.

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