Love Actually (爱的蜜方) Midpoint Recap

This drama really exceeded my expectations. First off, I’ve never watched anything with Joe Cheng (I know! Do I live under a rock or something?) and I was really doubtful of yet another dubbed Korean actress in a Chinese drama. But these two leads have really knocked my socks off. And plus, the plot is quite good.

So we left off with Xiao Xia (Lee Da Hae) with no choice but to lie her way into the Chen family. Xiao Xia feels guiltier and guiltier as Hao Feng (Joe Cheng) discovers her secrets. Hao Feng does some sneaky investigations, including taking her nephew’s hair to get it tested for DNA to see if he’s really Hao Feng’s older brother’s son. Of course, the results come back negative but Hao Feng has already become smitten with Xiao Xia. He lets her stay and continues to lie to his family. When Xiao Xia’s brother comes to the restaurant and steals money, that’s when the lid blew off. The whole family came to know her secret and she and her nephew leave in shame.

The family totally lost their spirit without her and her nephew. And with Hao Feng’s approval, they set out to find them. Hao Feng manages to bring them back (literally carrying Xiao Xia on his back…haha) and the family is whole and happy again! But it turns out that the youngest brother (Li Yang 立扬) really likes Xiao Xia and wants to confess to her. (At this point, I’m in awe and a bit jealous of her ability to make all the Chen men fall for her). His confession gets sidetracked by a girl (Xiao Xiao 潇潇) that liked him from childhood. So that’s one part of the love rectangle…

After some ups and downs, father Chen gets sick. In order to recreate the delicious soup base that is the core of the restaurant, the four leads go off to the villages to find ingredients. Xiao Xia and Hao Feng spend the night together, getting drunk, and eventually kissing and sleeping on the same bed. Li Yang comes in to see this and he’s devastated. After successfully making the soup, Hao Feng tells Xiao Xia that he likes her and wants to give her her first dating experience. Embarrassed and happy, Xiao Xia agrees. SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!

But here comes the plot twists and love obstacles. Hao Feng’s ex-fiancee comes back to find him. Apparently, she left him because her father objected and then forced her to leave the country. Oh no. How will Hao Feng decide? Will he go back to his first love or will he choose Xiao Xia? Arghhh…I can’t wait a whole weekend!


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