Currently Obsessing Over: Love Actually 爱的蜜方

I’ve revived my passion for TW/CH dramas again! I’m currently watching Love Actually with the ever-so-young Joe Cheng and Hallyu star Lee Da Hae. First off, I have to say that I love/hate foreign pairings of my OTPs. There’s been tons of Korean actors and actresses making their way across to Taiwan and China…Park Jung Min in Fondant Garden, Goo Hye Sun in Absolute Boyfriend, Siwon and Donghae in Extravagant Challenge…and the list goes on. Now while I love watching my favorite K-actors with my favorite CH/TW-actors get together and all that lovey-dovey stuff, the dubbing of their voices is just killing me. Seriously, at least get voices that matches what they would actually sound like. Some K-actors and actresses make an effort in at least learning lines in Chinese and mouthing it. This makes it a little better, but then I think to myself, why would you need dubbed voices then? The actor clearly knows his line, and if he mispronounces a word or two, isn’t that what the captions are for??

Lee Da Hae does a great job in her first Chinese drama as Xiao Xia (小夏). Well, then again, she has learned Chinese for more than 7 years. Seriously, I watched all her interviews and BTS, her Chinese is on par with my Chinese. She plays a poor girl with a son nephew and a good-for-nothing brother (the nephew’s dad) who comes to her whenever he’s in debt. So she’s the typical Chinese lead girl – she’s poor, she’s quirky, she’s a hard worker, she makes everyone fall in love with her with those big big eyes of hers. Yup. Nothing much else to add here.

Joe Cheng as Hao Feng (皓峰) plays a cool yet warm-hearted guy who hates Lee Da Hae at first, but of course, grows to love her. His nickname is the Arctic Man….cause he’s so cold and heartless…hahaha. He slowly opens his heart and does cutesy little actions to show her that he cares and when he does, he’s wondering why he does care. Cause you secretly love her duh! And then they fall in love and have beautiful babies. Yes. This is the ending to every Chinese drama.

The premise of the drama begins with Xiao Xia working hard to support her and her son. With no money, she turns to her last hope of pretending to be the girlfriend of a guy she knows. He brings her to meet his family with the exchange of helping her find a house and giving her rent money. And lo and behold, his family consists of his dad and his two younger bros – one of which is our main lead – Hao Feng. So the older brother introduces her as his fiance and then skips town to avoid debt collectors. With an 8-yr old kid and no place to live, Xiao Xia reluctantly goes along with the lie and stays in their home. And the story goes from there…Hao Feng, being the smart cookie that he is, eventually finds out the truth. But he lies to his dad and younger brother to protect her and keeps her in the house. Accidental hugs and almost-kisses occur as our leads fall for each other.

The drama is airing on Chinese TV right now (although I’m guessing it’ll debut in Taiwan soon as well). The great thing about Chinese TV is that they air 3 episodes in one night. So I get almost 90 minutes of adorableness and secret love tension.


2 thoughts on “Currently Obsessing Over: Love Actually 爱的蜜方

  1. Hi hi! I’m loving this drama as well!!! LDH is surprisingly good in this to me. And Joe is so handsome. 😀 Just wanted to point something out though: that 8 yr old kid isn’t Xiao Xia’s son, it’s her nephew – her older brother’s kid.

    1. Yup you’re totally right! I must’ve skipped over the part when she was talking with her brother. I was wondering for the first two episodes why he was calling her auntie. But I later realized when they actually confronted the brother. It’s a really good drama so far! I can’t wait to see how the romance turns out.

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