Summer Revival

Let’s just say after months of not watching dramas (I still follow the recaps mind you) I’m pretty much craving me some! And boy do we have some good stuff this summer. I still haven’t devoted myself to any show and have been watching snippets of random episodes, but I have an inkling ‘Big’ is going to be big!  Haha. It’s a Hong sisters piece, which means lots of laughs and lots of hijinks. The story thus far has been executed smoothly, beautifully transitioning the body-soul switching montage. While the possibilities of the 18 year old student ending up with his teacher still makes me cringe, I can understand why there’s a huge chance that will happen. But Hong sisters dramas aren’t perfect either, and I abhor the way they write their female leads. They’re usually portrayed as naive, trusting, and just a whole bucket of sunshine and warmth. (Am I too cynical in thinking that the latter cannot exist?) They basically have no backbone, and I hate that. Lee Min Jung has such an amazing screen presence, so whether they’ll keep her as this unrealistically naive soul, only time will tell. Besides, it also helps that Goon Yoo is taking his shirt off in every other episode.

Photo credit: Drama Beans

Second on my list of adrenaline-worthy shows is ‘Gaksital. It stars Joo Won as the anti-hero hero. It does remind me of the action-revenge-drama from last summer, City Hunter, but Gaksital is unique in its own way, having a much better developed lead. (Like seriously, I still don’t understand how Lee Min Ho’s character can grow up to be so cheery after spending his childhood in the largest drug triangles in the world.) Joo Won’s known for his screaming angst-y acting (such as in Baker Kim) and this role suits him perfectly. He begins as the villain but slowly, we are shown his development into the anti-anti-hero. Poor child has so much on his plate, and as you all know… I totally have a thing for tragic figures. (Watch out for an end of the series review where I’ll screen cap some bloody, yet tragic scenes.)

Everyone’s always getting shot at in this series.

On a side note, look at Joo Won’s bad ass wikipedia picture: ❤

There are a boat load of other dramas out. The much anticipated ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’opened up strong a few weeks ago, having been Jang Dong Gun’s small screen comeback. But this drama, even though I’m somewhat following its recaps, just isn’t for me. No matter how awesome Jang Dong Gun is, and we all know he’s awesome, I don’t want to know about how a bunch of middle aged men pick up women. Anyways, if it’s your cup of tea, let me know how it goes. I watched part of episode 6 for some reason, and the scene where Kim Ha Neul was stuck in the bathroom with Jang Dong Gun is so typical of Kim Eun Sook’s writing… eye rolling and totally not cool. There are plenty of other ways to convey steamy sexy skinship, don’t trap her in a corner!!! Ugh, I had such a big problem with Kim’s writing in Secret Garden too because of this, even though I was such a sucker and couldn’t stop watching.

Photo credit: DramaWiki

Then there’s ‘I do, I do.’ It’s about an alpha female that ends up being impregnated by her much much younger junior at work. AND, I stop reading there.  Lol. Meh, I guess there can be great narrative and what not, but I usually hate how things turn out. Girlfriend can definitely hire herself a nanny and raise the kid perfectly fine, but of course, she’ll probably end up with the father no matter how immature of an idiot he is. I don’t want to sit through that, feels like a Maury show. (yea, no picture, ha)

Lastly, and I purposely saved this for last, is ‘Dr. Jin.’ Oh what a mess this is. You’ve got people constantly getting subdural hemorrhages apparently and cholera. Yes, cholera. And of course Dr. Jin saves everyone! Apparently this is an adaptation of a popular manga and jdorama, but the Korean version does it no justice. I feel bad for the actors actually, to have to work with this material. I think in episode 6, they tackle Syphillis?! I might watch some parts of the show just for shitz and gigglez. As for the leads, if Song Seung Hyun was paired with someone else, the show might be bearable. I’d take more seriously, but when both leads are so stale, I tend to look forward only to scenes where they’re not together. Park Min Young has been typecasted as the earnest noblewoman who always wants to help. In City Hunter, she was that earnest body guard that always wants to help. In SSK, she was the earnest tomboy scholar that always wants to help… oy. I need a meaty actress with SOME depth. Please. Anyways, I’ll let you know how Dr. Jin cures syphillis in my next post.

Look at his mane of glory!

4 thoughts on “Summer Revival

  1. hahahaha good to see you back~ and great to see a post among your busy schedule =3

    any thoughts on the recaps (of dramas that have now finished airing, i assume) that you’ve been reading? nudge nudge*

    and yes i generally share the same taste/distaste of the dramas you’ve mentioned above hehehe Big and Gaksital are the ones that catch my eye, though after QIHM i’m… more inclined to less angsty stuff… although i couldn’t help but skim-watch ep 6 of Gaksital just to experience for myself the powerful acting =P

  2. You also read my mind!! Especially about Gentlemen’s Dignity, Big and Bridal Mask (Gaksital). Gentlemen’s Dignity is so well made (production quality), I really like the feel of it, but the storyline, my goodness is also not for me, I actually find it a little nauseating watching those middle aged men act that way. It reminds me of something that came out on American TV about a group of four men, their escapades etc. I guess the channel has to cater to everyone…

    I’ve watched two episodes of Big and have to say that it is so good to see Gong Yoo on screen again and no, not for his body:) He is such a greater actor hey and so far he’s really anchoring the show, I love that they think about the small things like the American slang and similar behavioural patterns, you know that they’re consistant. I think it’s one of the worst things when things in dramas aren’t consistant, throws you for a loop.
    As for bridal Mask, I’m yet to get into it, but Joo Won is a great draw card (just finished King of Baking). Thanks!!

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