Time Slip Dr. Jin confirms leads

So here’s to another oddly casted couple. Our ahjussi-oppa 90s heart-throb, Song Seung Hyun, will be playing the lead in the upcoming drama Time Slip Dr. Jin. This troubled drama suffered plagiarism lawsuits and a rogue writer, but has now confirmed Park Min Young as the female lead. Apparently, she’s playing his modern time girlfriend and Joseon era young noblewoman. I don’t know. This is super wacky.

I still cannot pair Song Seung Hyun together with anyone except Kim Tae Hee. They were perfect together in “My Princess,” and their chemistry was the ONLY thing that carried the drama. But our resident ahjussi-oppa is a hit or miss. He is hardly the best actor in Korea and emoting is really not his strong point. (I think standing and looking pretty is his strength.) So unless this drama will consist of slide shows of Song Seung Hyun in beautiful costume, I don’t know how it will work.

This is how I remember him from Autumn Fairy Tale, that 12 year old me who didn't understand why the girl wouldn't pick Won Bin over her pretend brother....

I like Park Min Young. She does her job, but she’s not superb. I think she can use just a little bit more practice, with the right actors to move her along. I had loved all her previous dramas, SSK and City Hunter, but that was also because her male leads were amazing. She was so cute together with Lee Min Ho and playful with Micky. She’s bubbly and embodies youth. And that’s the problem. She is youthful and her image is such, but Song Seung Hyun is our ahjussi-oppa. His famed era was the 90s/00s, and I really don’t think their two personalities mesh. Park is like fresh baked bread, and she needs jam for flavor. Song Seung Hun is like aged baguette; hard and good only with lots of toppings. When I see them, I think uncle and niece, teacher and student. How can they work together? Maybe I’ll be proven wrong. Maybe.


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