Operation Proposal Review: Yoo Seung Ho is officially my latest crush

Operation Proposal is an adaptation of a Japanese drama (and maybe anime too) of a similar title. The whole story revolves around a guy who travels back in time to get the girl he loves. Since he’s not successful during his first (or second, third, etc) try, he goes back in time almost every episode, learning what he did wrong and yet still missing the girl by this much. Yoo Seung Ho, or Korea’s little brother, plays Kang Baek Ho, a washed-up baseball player. His childhood best friend is ham Yi Seul, played by Park Eun Bin.

He is actually hugging me...can't you recognize the back of my head?

My thoughts:

  • First of all, I never watch any drama not on the major networks (SBS, KBS, MBC) but I am pleasantly surprised that I ventured out of them to discover this cute and preppy drama. The drama so far (12 episodes have been aired) is light and sweet. We get to see the characters transform from young junior high schoolers to mature adults. The two leads have good chemistry (I say good, and not great because I am biased for Yoo Seung Ho and think that he does a great job in conveying his dreams with those longing eyes of his, but Park Eun Bin’s scenes have not fully convinced me yet). The drama is funny and keeps me on my toes. I know that he won’t get the girl until the very end, but when he accomplishes something (even if it is as small as buying her movie tickets), I get my hopes up that this is the time that he will actually succeed. But alas, he fails at the end of the episode and I look forward to the next week when he drinks that weird yellow potion, screams Yi Seul’s name and goes back in time.
  •  How old are these actors again??? I could not believe my eyes when I read that my beloved Yoo Seung Ho is only 18 (and yes, a minor). Park Eun Bin is 19, but seriously these two leads are unbelievably great actors for such a young age. This is what I love about kdramas, there’s always someone who’s younger and better, and that way, fans will always have someone to love.
  • As usual, kdramas always start to disappoint me towards the end. The first 5 or 6 episodes of this drama was great. The story was fast-paced – he went, he failed, he came back, and there was humor and suspense built into it. Towards the end of the drama, it was less entertaining (maybe appropriately so because they all grew up and became adults), but I still would’ve loved some of that cuteness and spunk Yoo Seung Ho brought to his younger counterpart. The one thing I do like about it is that the story is predictable. Yes I know, usually you don’t want dramas to be described as predictable, but in the case of Operation Proposal, it was done right. I look forward to a new chapter every week, just like reading a book. Even though I know what’s to come, I still sit at the edge of my seat rooting for Baek Ho to not mess things up this time.
  • OMG the kiss scene. How can I even begin to explain?? This is a serious kiss people. And they’re both like 18-19!!! And it wasn’t even just 1 kiss, it was multiple!!! And all of them had the same intensity and heart-fluterriness!!! It was this kiss that Yoo Seung Ho won me over with, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. All you noonas out there, admit it. You were imagining yourself in Park Eun Bin’s position. There are no words to describe…just watch!!!

4 thoughts on “Operation Proposal Review: Yoo Seung Ho is officially my latest crush

    1. “All you noonas out there, admit it. You were imagining yourself in Park Eun Bin’s position. ”
      — No, I won’t try to replace PEB by anybody else coz I ship them two since their cooperation in The Legend~~~ So happy to see they continue to work together as couple ^^

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