Big Bang Comeback: “Bad Boy” Review

Ovaries explosions galore!! Yes, today is the day when fangirls and fanboys all over the world crash YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and basically all social network servers by watching and downloading Big Bang’s new mini album – ALIVE. Along with the album release, Big Bang has updated their YouTube account with the “Bad Boy” MV. Let me have a NYC-girl moment here and get excited that I recognize the places they’re filming at and somehow believe there’s a special connection between me and Big Bang. (For all who don’t know, this was filmed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – as you can see on the street sign in the beginning – Broadway and Keap St.)

The song is a fast-beat R&B-type number. The chorus has a catchy hook complete with English phrases that I can sing along to. I feel like this is a classic GD song – it’s very street-style and the chorus  fits him perfectly. Of course, following the “Bad Boy” theme of the song, the MV portrays our five iconic idols romancing a “good girl.” Boy, am I glad that they actually found five DIFFERENT girls to pair up with the guys. Enough of those one girl, five guys stories. It’s a simple MV, with Big Bang walking around at most 2 streets, and climbing some subway stairs as well. But the camerawork was amazing. It wasn’t the “BLUE” type of camera with its gray-blue filter and panoramic shots. This MV got up-close and personal with the boys and made the viewers feel as if we were in the MV itself.

Raise your hand if you're cold.

The thing that bothered me was the weather. Yes, that’s a weird and completely off-topic thing, but seriously you can see the boys’ steamy breath every time they opened their mouths! And ok, GD has his furry coat, but Taeyang’s wearing a sleeveless vest!! Not that I’m complaining or anything, but the whole look was just thrown off by me realizing that it was effin’ cold during the shoot. Maybe it’s because I’m from Brooklyn and I was amazed at the surrounding and trying to recognize the area, but I noticed every little detail. Like how there’s a Jewish guy who was walking then turned away cause he probably saw a white-hair dude named TOP rapping his heart out (at 2:09). And how the construction workers were giving GD the “Dude, your girl’s hot” look at 1:05. I literally laughed out loud when I saw how typical New Yorkers reacted to Big Bang.

Anyways, I won’t take up more time with my rant. I love love love this song and I’m gonna dance to it when I’m walking, when I’m sitting, when I’m showering…you get the point. Check out Big Bang’s “Bad Boy” MV below!


2 thoughts on “Big Bang Comeback: “Bad Boy” Review

  1. wow, sucks they filmed it at the part of brooklyn we rarely go too. But yea, I like this song. It has a good beat and a fresh new song.

  2. I think this MV was better than “Blue” but I like “Blue” as a song better. The weird model girls they chose for this though through off the mood. :/

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