Review: Big Bang “BLUE” Comeback

Fangirls rejoice! The iconic group that made kpop what it is today has finally returned and THIS is a comeback. Big Bang drops their latest mini album (their 5th to be exact) with the title song “Blue.” Already, their comeback album has sold over 250K in pre-order sales. All this hype is well-deserved, as the group took a year break (filled with drama and controversy) and fans had anticipated this album for almost as long. As of midnight today, their “Blue” MV was released on YouTube, already gaining more than 50K views in less than 12 hours.

The song, a mid-tempo pop number, is reminiscent of Big Bang’s traditional music style. It’s not as catchy as “Lies” or “Haru Haru” but it has the potential to be stuck in your head. As of this moment, I’m repeating the chorus in my head (as it’s the only English part and part that I remember). It has surprisingly a lot of Daesung in it, which I am pleased with. There’s the breathy GD parts, the rapping TOP parts, the Taeyang chorus, and Seungri has a verse or two in it. My favorite part is TOP’s verse (of course I’m biased) but TOP kills every rap he does and this is no exception.

Oh TOP we could've had a date under the Manhattan Bridge...

I can’t wait to see the dance and performance for this MV. In my head, I can imagine kind of a grungy look (maybe a little bit of GD guitar bashing). It’s a very sad blue song, and it just makes you wanna hang your head and do some hipster stuff. It’ll be interesting to see what dance they pair with it. As for the MV itself, let me first and foremost express my regret and anger for not being a stalker-paparazzi when Big Bang was filming in New York (particularly Brooklyn and within 10 miles from me). It’s so cool to recognize iconic landmarks like the Manhattan Bridge and Coney Island and yet at the same time, it kills me to see them there knowing that I could’ve been there too. The MV is a perfect fit for the song. It has that kind of blue-ish wash over the film and sad cloudy skies that totally emphasizes the “blueness.” Now I get that the members are depressed so they’re hanging around, moping in cars, and running to random places, but the white girl I don’t get. Is she one of their girlfriend? Or maybe all the members are pining over the same white girl? Anyways, the random flashes of the girl is depriving me of more Big Bang time, which is a no-no.

Big Bang comeback ftw!!

Big Bang’s official comeback is February 29th! In the meantime, check out the music video below and tell us what you think!


3 thoughts on “Review: Big Bang “BLUE” Comeback

  1. I can’t believe they were filming in NYC!!! But I really love that they’re back. The chorus is pretty decent, and TOP’s rap is awesome ❤

  2. it’s such a good song when you just cruisin’ you know what i’m sayin’. and i love how daesung has such a big chunk! his voice goes so well with the song

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