Recommendation: History of a Salaryman

Imagine a really crazy drama where anything goes, where our female leads are not pathetically virtuous, passive, and basically empty vessels. Imagine a drama where the chaebol is the girl, where corporate espionage plays fervently in the backdrop shifting our story left and right, but most importantly forward. Imagine love stories that are engaging, realistic, and contain no noble idiots (at least I hope it won’t come down to it). Yea. That’s “History of a Salaryman.”

Quick Synopsis

It’s pretty hard to summarize what this drama is about, especially considering how ridiculous and confusing their preview videos were. The story revolves around a man named “Bang,” played by Lee Bum-Soo, who has been out of work and finally offered a chance to work at a large corporation. However, he becomes a pawn in a tug of war between company executives. But instead of letting himself be pulled back and forth, he rises above them all and starts to fight against the man and stand up for the everyday salaryman. The company heir is played by Jung Ryu Won, of Sam-Soon fame, who falls in love with Bang, but she’s not the typical clingy princess. Instead she’s tough, curses like a sailor, and is basically playing the role of the chaebol who falls in love with that poor hardworking girl (in this case guy). I love the dynamic already.

The second leads are played by Jung Gyu Woon and Hong Soo Hyun, who if you remember was in that summer dud of a drama “Lie to Me.” The two are written with a lot of depth, and are not just characters added for the sake of tension. Hong plays Woo Hee, who is a gorgeous scientist. She knows she’s hot and she’s not afraid to use it to her advantage. Jung plays an intelligent company executive named Hang Woo who is out for revenge against the chairman. But he’s not completely evil and he’s the token hot bod of the drama who broods in a hot shower, etc.


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