MoonSun: Han Ga In

Photo Cred: Koalasplayground

I stopped watching dramas because I just don’t have time. But I have been following recaps. One of the dramas I’m following is “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.” (I’m going to call it MoonSun.) So far the story has been amazing. The earlier episodes where the child actors were shinning stole my heart. The characters are written so perfectly. I have yet to see these performances for myself, but I’m loving the story thus far. The lead actress is Han Ga-in, who I love. I know her acting isn’t up to par, but something about her just seems so sincere to me. I like watching her prance around onscreen. This time though, from the screen caps:

It seems off. She acts opposite Kim Soo Hyun, who is even more baby-faced than she! (Granted he is 6 years younger.) And while the age difference isn’t as evident as say between him and Bo-kyung (the evil queen and his current wife), he still looks like a teenager acting opposite a noona. Again, I haven’t watched it yet (I’m saving it for my vacation), but it does seem like Han has been mis-cast. But besides that, she’s still as pretty as ever. She’s famous for being one of the few Korean celebrities that has not had any plastic surgery.

Han Ga-In in High School



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