And we’re back!

Your mouth is watering, isn't it?

So we’ve got some fan letters during our break and we wanted to share one very special one.

Hi Ladies,

I am very aware that you two keep a blog that reviews various Asian dramas. On my latest excursion, I walked past this place called “Grace Street”. It just opened three days ago so the menu is still a work in progress but there was this one thing on the menu called “ho dduk.” It’s REALLLLLY good and I was hoping you could put this place on your blog and write a review about it if you ever have to time to go there to eat. According to the guy who works there, ho dduk is a street food and a dessert that Koreans eat during the winter because it’s really hot. It’s a Korean pancake with a walnut filling. Try it out and write about it if you can! Here’s the facebook face for it:

Ok, so usually I don’t eat at places and tell you guys how amazing it is but the owner (or at least I’m guessing he’s part owner) is super enthusiastic about this place. It’s a cafe that likes to specialize in desserts. BUT… the interesting part is that the shop is legally organized as a nonprofit business. I asked the girl behind the counter why the place is nonprofit and apparently it’s because the proceeds help orphanages around the world so the proceeds from its business goes to that cause. Also, they are eco-friendly. The plates are legit pressed bamboo leaves.

I plan on checking this place out as soon as I get back to the city (btw, this is located in Koreantown, NYC) and will definitely give an update on this what sounds like a  great place. I really admire the cause that they’re supporting and this new charitable concept of restaurants is the hottest trend nowadays. So if you’re the area, give this place a  try and tell us what you think!


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