JYJ’s Get Out MV

No, I have not flunked out of medical school yet, and yes I’m still watching dramas. (Actually, only one drama lol.) Time is scarce, but I make time. Anyways, while I’m fully engaged in Protect the Boss, I’ve become so intrigued by each of the characters, news of the actors’ presences in the media always catches my eye. So the character I’m going to be talking about now is… you guessed it, Jae Joong of JYJ.

I don’t understand his sex appeal at all. If he wants to, he won’t even need to flex any of his facial muscles, and will still be able to look pissed as hell all day long. He’s been great in the drama as that pissed off cousin chaebol who wants to run the conglomerate, but his romantic relationships have been… meh.

Maybe because Jae Joong’s practiced for so many years to be this boyband icon, he’s lost his sensual touch around anything that’s not a fangirl, camera, or microphone, and especially with the female leads on the show. (On the other hand, gosh, Ji Sung nails it. How can an ahjussi be so attractive?!) I’m really impressed with the JYJ boys, in terms of their acting skills. Micky was pretty darn convincing in SSK Scandal with Park Min Young. Though again, I feel like chemistry was also lacking there.

I can understand why Jae Joong is the leader of the group, given I guess he’s got the best looks (even though, I think Micky’s got the stronger voice). But something’s really odd about his body proportions. Like his legs are too small. For some reason, he doesn’t look spiffy in his suits. Something just doesn’t match up to proportion, like his head is too big… anywhos, that aside, he is a mean dancer and can definitely hold a pitch. He even sang without autotune in one of the latest episodes of Protect the Boss. In this new MV by JYJ, they’re promoting some LG phone. I had no idea product placement has morphed to a point where artists are making music videos to sell this product, not even subtly hinting at it. It’s an okay song. Very typical with an intense fast beat. Pretty catchy if you play it in a loop. The intermission is definitely something you can dance to at a club.

If they wanted to be different and original and refreshing, they should have changed the entire concept of the music video. If you want to do cars, why don’t you go out on a slick testosterone-laced car race? What’s with this subdued angst-y calling of some girl from a car about 3 feet away? You don’t get the same effect. Even though netizens (probably just fan girls) have been raving about the cinematography, I feel as if the entire thing looks cheap. It feels as if every single scene was filmed in a cut-out 100 meter sq stage adorned with some playground fences. Come on now, didn’t 2nE1 JUST do the whole dark fence thing?


4 thoughts on “JYJ’s Get Out MV

  1. I dont know about his body proportions (cause I’m too distracted by his face – sorry…I’m one of those fangirls too) but he has that same dark brooding look that edward from twilight has. He’s Korea’s Edward!!! Its the mysterious bad boy that all girls want. Admit it, you want him.

  2. I actually like this song and the fast paced beats. But, yea the MV is too cliche. Why just sit in the car and not drive it? Waste of rental time =[

  3. The thing about Jaejoong is he just has a really pretty face. It’s pretty hard to call his face masculine although it’s evident that he’s starting to grow into it. I like the song, don’t love but it’s alright with me. I honestly don’t care too much for the video.

    Oh and I nominated your blog for the “One Lovely Blog” award!

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