Protect the Boss’ “Na Yoon”

Am I posting more now that I’m in school? LOL. I figured I wouldn’t have the time since I’m being subjected to intense academic pressure, but it turns out dramas and blogging is becoming an outlet, things I’m looking forward to as I cram information into my stiff brain Monday through Friday. Oh, how can I ever get through medical school without dramas? How could I have thought otherwise? Silly me.

And week by week, I’m getting increasingly impressed by the “Protect the Boss” script. How can these writers be so efficient and effective without keeping the viewers in an unnecessary limbo? In particular, I would like to mention Na Yoon, the supporting lead in Protect the Boss, the ex-girlfriend of our male lead. I have always hated the supporting female lead. They’re always poorly written, like shells whose sole purpose in the show is to add to the love tension. Their back-stories are bland, and their personas are unrealistic. So they’re throw-aways. But Na Yoon is different. She’s funny and understandable. She’s been kept in a bubble her whole life. She’s been taught by her mother to be lonely and she’s so relatable!! (yes, I said it.) She didn’t leave Ji Heon because she had cancer (like some shows =__=; ugh I hate noble idiots.) or because she met a sleazy rich guy (cause she’s already hella rich). She left because she wanted to expand her professional horizons. She left because she didn’t want to rely on a chaebol marriage to sustain her entire being. This girl is independent, and I kind of like her for it.

Aside from her obviously fake teeth, Wang Ji Hye is doing an awesome job portraying Na Yoon. This woman is gorgeous and hilarious!! I love watching Na Yoon’s growth as a person and her trying to break away from her mother. What’s more is that Na Yoon is reasonable, unlike Jae Jeong’s Moo Won. She understands that a firm NO means NO, and when homegirl officially ended with Ji Heon in episode 9, I felt for her. She never really broke it off with Ji Heon. What she’s been chasing all this time was closure, but she just didn’t know. Her whole life, she’s only had two friends, and they were Moo Won and Ji Heon. Her mother’s sheltered her in such a way that Na Yoon’s grown to become friendless and isolated… but fear not, now she’s got Myung Ru (Ms.Wrestler). They make such a fun duo.

Now, just a quick comment regarding episode 10. They shifted gears and focused a lot more on the company plot lines. I think this shift is essential in helping the story move forward so that we’re not going in loops. I’m seeing how the boys are diverging in their tactics in trying to seduce No Eun Sol. I like that there is going to be a dividing factor between the two so that I’m not feeling like she’s falling in love with Ji Heon because he’s deficient. (Meaning, she’s falling for him because of how clingy he is because of his agoraphobia. Kind of like that cute kitten on the road versus another cat. You just feel sorrier for that homeless one.) I need that assurance to tell me that she loves him for reals. (I know, I’m so deep. If only I had a chance to apply this in my own life.)

And of course, I also just like watching Ji Sung be Ji Heon… ❤


2 thoughts on “Protect the Boss’ “Na Yoon”

  1. Aww I definitely love the last picture. And yes, for once I actually enjoy watching the female supporting lead. I cannot wait how this all unfolds with only 6 episodes left!

  2. i agree… this drama was pretty original with how they made the characters react to things 😀 it felt refreshing watching it. i was happy when the “rival” girl became friends with the main girl ^.^

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