Protect the Boss (2011) Early Review

I feel like every time I do an early review for a drama this summer, they’ve turned out to be duds, see Myung Wol and Lie to Me. I would rave and rant about how cute the story line is and how much chemistry the leads share, but by episode 8, they’ve let me down, and by the time they end, I’ve lost interest and am disappointed at the experience. That’s why I’ve been hesitant to review “Protect the Boss (PTB).” I really like it so far and I didn’t want to jynx it. But considering I can’t concentrate on biochemistry anyways in this impending hurricane weather, I decided to spend a few minutes to share with you all the glee I get from PTB!

First off, the lead couple is older than the conventional leads. They’re both in their early-mid thirties, but this only contributes to their acting brilliance. The male lead, Ji Sung, is a hit! I don’t care what other people say about his broccoli hair, I Love it! It adds the final icing on his naive child-man character. Choi Kang Hee is right on as the gangster-turned-secretary. She’s crude, yet so lovable. I’m a little upset I’ve never watched any of their dramas before! They’re so good!

However, I understand that a portion of the audience is probably watching the drama to see Jae Jeong, former member of TVXQ and current member of JYJ. He’s a pretty good actor so far, though I don’t really understand his appeal. *Dodges glares from fangirls.* His character is well played, and has more depth than just the perfect chaebol cousin.

So far, we’re told that Ji Heon, Ji Sung’s character, has some phobias he hasn’t been able to work through. He use to date Na Yoon, played by Wang Ji Hye, but the day she left him, his brother died, so he hasn’t been able to forgive her… or himself for not being there. Ji Heon falls in love with his new secretary, No Eun Seol, played by Choi Kang Hee. Because of his phobia, he has been depending on her like a man-child, which makes Eun Seol question whether she always think of him because he’s become like her child, or because she’s developing romantic feelings for him. To confirm it, Ji Heon kisses her, and that’s where we ended off in episode 8.

Jae Jeong’s character Mon Won, is a perfectionist, but because of Eun Seol, he’s beginning to step outside of the circle he’s constraining himself in. He also likes Eun Seol, and thus forms the 4-cornered love.

The story seems pretty typical, but the script is so so so good. The dialogue is snappy, seemingly effortless, and yet so engaging. The premise is not so fresh and I did not initially want to invest my time in the drama because it didn’t seem like an original concept. (Like come on, male chaebol falls in love with subordinate female from poor background. Been there, done that.) But I allowed my friend to convince me to give it a chance, and I loved it. The father, mothers, and grandmother of our leads are hilarious. Haha, especially the gramma, played by veteran Kim Young Ok.

There’s something about sincere yet naive man-childs that attract me to them. I’m rooting for you Ji Heon!


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