Weekly dose of new Kpop group: STELLAR

I woke up this morning and discovered this song and now it pretty much ruined my entire day. I think this sums up my feelings for Stellar’s ‘Rocket Girl’.

Seriously Eric...you look like their dad....go make your own MV.

Stellar is composed of Kim Ga Young (who is in KBS drama, ‘Spy Myung Wol’), Lee Seul, JOA and Jeon Youl. Eric, or ‘Spy Myung Wol’ himself, acted as the album’s director and also raps in the girls’ debut track, in addition to appearing in their music video. Can someone say *coughs* not-so-popular hallyu star trying to get his mojo back by starring in a premature teenage music video? *coughs* Anyways, the girls are cute and whatever (man I’m such a biatch this morning…) and they look like every other girl group member out there anyways.

The song is HORRIBLE…I have seriously not heard a song with so much (HORRIBLE) autotune. Here is my thought process as I was watching the video:

Man I hope this song is good.

Ok…it’s only the first 15 seconds of autotune, I can accept that. I think they’ll start singing soon…

Hmm…still autotune…and did I just see that girl’s orange safety shorts?

Oh man…Eric looks like an ahjussi here…wait he IS an ahjussi…

Oh thank god, a semi-live chorus

Andddd nope…back to autotune.

Wow there’s sure a lot of autotuning…how will they sing this song live?

Seriously….what’s with the autotune?!?! I’m pretty sure this ponytail girl’s voice does not sound like a squeaky mouse on a soundboard.

Is Eric just rapping ‘rocket space ship’ like 50 times????

Oh god. I can’t listen to this anymore…*mutes video*

The oopsy face you make when you flash the entire world your orange underpants....

For the record, I did manage to somehow finish the song (and tear out my eardrums in the process). The MV is not that good as well. A weird combination of aeygo and “fierceness” as the girls go from dancing and jumping in one scene to shooting people with weird guns that makes people faint with what is apparently an invisible bullet or ray of light or something. ALSO, did I mention that the video has stupid sound effects, like a *clank* whenever they hit a person over the head with their wand??

Oh no...your laser-tag guns have got me!!

I hope my rant about this song haven’t scared you away from the music video. Because you have to watch it. So I can share my disgust and make you suffer the same fate I did. So without further ado…enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Weekly dose of new Kpop group: STELLAR

  1. I was going to review this group but I’m glad I didn’t now. UGH the autotune in the beginning killed me! But I liked the chorus, probably because it was the only thing that wasn’t killed with autotune. And was that supposed to be a rap? That’s all I got to. I think if they would have actually recorded it without so much autotune it would have sounded better for one. And then they should have made a completely different video. One that isn’t so annoying. I stopped watching at 2 minutes.

  2. i actually kind of liked it. it was just weird… i mean it isn’t my favorite, but it’s okay if i’m in the mood to listen to something really different.

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