Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (2011) Movie Review

What attracted me to this movie were obviously the leading men: Louis Koo and Daniel Wu. The two were gorgeous, to say the least, and they both had sizzling chemistry with our lead actress, Gao Yuan Yuan.


The story starts off with our female lead, Xi Yan, waking up to the voice of her ex-boyfriend programmed into her alarm clock. She gets ready for work and we’re introduced to an ugly bull frog that croaks for her to feed him. It turns out the frog belongs to her ex-boyfriend who ditched their 7 year relationship and got another woman pregnant. She bumps into this pregnant woman on the bus and offers her a seat. However, when this said woman sees her baby’s daddy talking to Xi Yan, she began to scream like there’s no tomorrow, prompting the ex-boyfriend to demand that Xi Yan leaves the bus. (Woah, what a total b*tch.) Louis Koo’s character, Sean Cheung, who has been in love with Xi Yan even before she broke up with her boyfriend, sees this play out, and tries to catch up to her in his ridiculously awesome sports car. This man really has some serious dough. As he tells his employees later on, he only has two rules, and those are 1) Never lose money, and 2) Never forget rule no. 1. (What? I think it’s my type of sugar daddy.)

Xi Yan meets Daniel Wu’s character, Kevin Fong, in her bumbling hurry to leave the bus and digest what just happened to her on the bus. Eventually, she meets up with Kevin again and gives him all her ex’s stuff that he left at her place, including the bullfrog. Kevin sells all this, and they go on all night spree to spend all $3000+ dollars. Kevin, as it turns out, is an award winning architect going through creator’s block (kind of like writer’s block, but… for people who create things?? I don’t know lol.) He falls deeeeply in love with her, and keeps this frog for years.

Xi Yan, on the other hand, falls in love with Sean. They work in opposing office buildings with glass walls, so they flirted for a week using post its. He trying to cheer her when she was down, and she trying to make him smile when the stock market was crashing. (Cue: Lehman Brother’s collapse.) But Sean is a total horndog. Another woman, on the floor below Xi Yan, mistakenly thought Sean was flirting with her, and planned to meet up with him. He couldn’t keep his hands off this other woman, and missed his date with Xi Yan. Xi Yan is no Korean drama heroine. Girl understood what happened, stormed over to his office, poured some water over his head, and stormed out of there. (Cue: Massive recession and Sean’s company goes bankrupted.)

Three years later, Sean comes back to Hong Kong as the CEO of Xi Yan’s company. He woos her, even though she is still angry. He proposes to her, but admits that he will only TRY not to cheat. To him, there are only two types of men, those that want to cheat, and those that cheat. So then, homegirl runs into the arms of our architect who’d built a skyscraper in SuZhou for her. Good choice. (Did I also mention the frog gets squashed? Like literally, squashed when the boys were fisting it out.)


First of all, this is not a Korean drama or movie, so when I saw the kissing scenes, I was like *gasp*, those were not pecks. The chemistry is totally there. Whenever Sean stood next to Xi Yan, I can tell they’re about to jump each other, and they almost did. (I also appreciated that they remembered the condoms, not that they did it anyways.) However, the emotional connections and transitions was totally nonexistent. How was the audience suppose to believe that Xi Yan fell in love with Sean after flirting with him through glass windows for a week. And then, poof 3 years later, he comes back from the U.S, and proposes to her?! What’s going on here, don’t people usually at least go on one date? I mean, I guess he did also just buy her a car and a house, (I’m telling you, Kdrama Chaebols are not where it’s at anymore, it’s the HK Stock Company CEOs!!), but still, it makes no logical sense.

Louis Koo going in for a kiss

Same with Kevin’s side of the story. I can understand how her words of encouragement could’ve made an impact on him, but for three years and for him to build a skyscraper in the shape of her shadow?!?! (COME ON!) In the end, when she picked Kevin, I didn’t believe her sincerity. The story has developed in a such a way that we were made to believed that she loved Louis, I mean Sean. (haha) No where was there a transition remotely stable enough for me to believe that she loved Kevin one bit. It seemed more like pity and gratitude and her being tired of Louis’s, I mean Sean’s, wandering eye.

Daniel Wu about to rip her shirt off...

Cinematically, this film was beautiful. The overdrops of Hong Kong and Su Zhou captured the grandeur of the cities, each to represent Xi Yan’s two loves. In Suzhou, we have Kevin, a metaphor for home and new beginnings, for the rapidly growing economy that promised new things. In Hong Kong, we have Sean, and an ever changing metropolis, much like Sean’s heart, that has sustained her career and her adult life. (Dude, either way, she can’t lose here, like come on, a rich Architect, or a rich CEO… where can CREAMPUFF007 get herself some of that?)

Hong Kong
Su Zhou

The editing and transitions were choppy. There would be long drafty shots of a certain backdrop before we zoom into the actual scene. Nevertheless, I do like how a lot of the messages were portrayed through body language, as if to say, love needs no words. (HAHA! zing!)

I would recommend this movie if you have nothing to do on a Friday night, or if you just want to oogle at Louis Koo and Daniel Wu. 7/10 because the cast was so beautiful.


One thought on “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (2011) Movie Review

  1. I would like either one as well. You can even pick first and I’ll take whatever (as long as they’re hot and rich). Yea this totally doesn’t make me sound like a golddigger…lol

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