“You Are the One” (非诚勿扰)

So recently, as my City Hunter cravings have died down, I began searching for new things to watch as I try desperately to salvage what little is left of my summer. Last weekend, I decided to hang out with my parents (yea, that’s where the party is at!) and started to watch this Chinese game show with them. The show, called “Fei Cheng Wu Rao” or 非诚勿扰, (aka “You Are the One”), is a dating show where 24 women stand on podiums in “Weakest Link” style around a stage, and one by one single men come on to try to convince a girl to date him.

The single man comes out, looks at his matches and selects his ideal woman. The women then decide whether they want to stay in the game and potentially leave on a date with him just by looking at him. Most of the men leave home alone, right after they’re attacked from all angles with tantalizing questions by the women on stage. “Do you want children?” “How much do you weigh?” “Why did you pick this outfit to wear today? Do you not understand that first impressions are important?” Personally, I think this would be a paralyzing experience, to put your life on national (international, since it’s on tudou) television and be vulnerable so that you can find your other half. But hey, men and women come in troves.

And yes, I’ve also asked why they don’t mix it up  and make men stand on podiums while guide single women one by one through the stage. Why does it seem as if they’re objectifying women, displaying them on podiums for a man to select? But surprisingly, both sexes have equal say in the final process. I don’t think they’re placing the women up there so that they can be gazed upon, but rather, that was how the Australian show (Taken Out) from which they copied from, was formatted. In the future, it would be nice if the Chinese producers would switch it up. Though, maybe socially, it’s not as acceptable to let a single woman be ridiculed in the center of the stage. But it’s only fair!

A successful couple!

The women on the show range from being ridiculously outspoken to dumb airheads. Many have high credentials, such as JDs, phDs, MA/MS’s, and most are college graduates. The men that come in hoards are equally successful. The show shows a side of current Chinese society that seems more open than most foreigners would expect. Divorced single mothers as well as divorced fathers are cast to come on. Women as old as 40 have stood on the podiums, and the topics range from equal sharing of household chores, to how both the man and woman think a child should be raised. There are so many issues that can be argued here, such as whether the show is exploiting human relations for commercial gains, but I don’t want to keep this post too long. The show’s super funny, so I highly recommend it for the humor and, if it’s your cup of tea, social discussion.


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