Super Junior is ‘Mr. Simple’

Super Junior’s songs are in a genre of their own man….for the first few times I listen to a particular track, I would hate it to the bottom of my core. But they always, ALWAYS, seem to improve after say the fifth time I hear the song. There’s a learning curve to their songs, and the lesson learned is to not give up on the fourth time (b/c after that, I would have it on constant repeat on my iPod and bop along to it as I’m walking down the block).Their latest track, ‘Mr. Simple,’ is no exception. I’ve only listened to it for about three times and it’s starting to growing on me. Not to mention the super cool MV totally convinced me to do so. First, let me clarify that the first two lines of the song are NOT “Because I’m Naughty Naughty” but instead “Because You Naughty Naughty.” Not that it’s any better, but at least Siwon isn’t telling me that he’s naughty (even though his album picture tells me otherwise). naughty boy 😉

The song has its ups and downs. Once again, auto-tuning to the extreme drowns out most of the chorus. Not to mention the lyrics make no sense (then again, when have they ever?). There’s not much of the impressive solos from Kyuhyun and Ryeowook that are present in their past songs. And finally, is it me or is the “Blow Your Mind” part really awkward and doesn’t really fit in with the song? I find that trend – the insert random pieces of music that doesn’t really flow trend – to be increasingly popular, especially for Super Junior (think ‘Bonamana’).

On the other hand, Super Junior has delivered, once again, an upbeat, eardrum-blasting dance track. The record-scratching background can be a little annoying sometimes, but that’s what summer dance songs are made of. The dance break part is a nice piece that flowed with the rest of track as well. I haven’t completely adapted to the song yet, but I’m getting there.

What do you think of their new single?

2 thoughts on “Super Junior is ‘Mr. Simple’

  1. 1. It’s impress how they work in all 12+ guys into one video, allowing each to sing a line.
    2. They photoshopped the f*ck out of that picture. Siwon is pretty hot, I have to admit, but that picture does him no justice.

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