Girlgroup Checkup: 2NE1

Is it girlband or girl group? Girl group sounds better right? But I digress. Anyways, this edition of girl group checkup is for S. Korea’s beloved group, 2NE1. Just having released their second album (well it wasn’t as much of an album than a collection of single tracks released week by week), the 4 girls are totally dominating the music charts. I don’t blame them for taking MBLAQ’s win, because like the boys, they deserve it. Even though their genre of music may not be unique to us westerners (contaminated with the seriously addictive beats of Lady Gaga and Ke$ha), 2NE1’s music is innovative in Asia. These girls abandon the cutesy (think Orange Caramel…or not unless you want to gag) and the sexy (think 4Minute and After School) images that girl groups traditionally take on. 2NE1 is a fashion leader, music innovator, and just overall great role models.The team that they have behind them is genius. GENIUS! Who would’ve thought of releasing only one song at a time on their album to completely sweep the charts for the month while keeping devoted fans on their toes? Since when do I love watching music videos of people just smashing things? Why on earth would I think an ice-cream cone hat/mohawk hair/super studded leather vests/huge gold chains/and so much more funky fashion would be so cool? Together, they have made a complete package (however crazy it may be) that is entertaining and buzz-worthy.

Don't try to deny that you don't want hair like this.

I love how every girl can find herself in one of 2NE1’s member. Bom, the girly one, CL, the tough one, Minzy, the sexy one, and Sandara, the cute one. But differences aside, these girls are strong independent idols that girls can look up to. I know I’m a complete fangirl right now, spazzing about them, but I really admire the image they’re putting out there. Girls don’t need to be cute and please guys. We like to smash things and party and declare that we’re the best. That’s how we roll.


One thought on “Girlgroup Checkup: 2NE1

  1. I DO see myself in each and every single one of them. I’m girly like Bom, tough like CL, sexy like Minzy, and cute like Sandara. But doesn’t it bother you that the underage one is the sexy one?

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