Boyband Check-up: MBLAQ

I have a love/hate relationship with S.Korea’s weekend music shows. While I long for the weekdays to pass by quickly so I can watch my favorite kpop idols on stage singing the top hits that I’ve already memorized the words to, at the same time, I am often extremely angry at their winning system. I get that some groups (aka veteran singers like 2pm) will beat out rookie groups (aka Boyfriend), but at the same time, I hate the fact that one group/person can dominate the charts for multiple weeks. Like how SNSD won 371724829 times for ‘Gee’ (ok…maybe not that much…but def a lot).

Why aren't you winning MBLAQ??? The world is so unfair...sigh

Why am I ranting about this now? I was watching MBLAQ’s performance of ‘Mona Lisa,’ their new hit single on Music Bank and realized that my boys are all grown up. Since their debut 2 years ago, they have grown to prove that they’re an amazing group. Not only do they all look good, but they have talent. What I love about MBLAQ is that the genre of music they do for every album is different. They explored the dance/techno tracks in ‘Oh Yeah’ and ‘Y,’ then they sang some slow ballads like ‘Cry.’ And now they surprise us with an upbeat ‘Spanish-sounding’ number. Seriously now, how many groups can make accordion music sound sexy??

MBLAQ is a group that you can continuously see their improvements. In their first singles, Thunder and Mir barely had a line, but now they prove to us that they really CAN sing, not just there for eye candy. I also like how they choose songs that aren’t autotuned unlike what so many boybands do nowadays. When they perform on stage, you can clearly hear each one of their voices, and that’s what live performances are for!!! Even though the songs are not as catchy as those of B2ST and 2PM, but I applaud them for continually trying out new music. You can tell that each member works extremely hard to make the group as a whole better.

Even though they are not winning the kpop show awards, I sincerely hope that they won’t give up and keep on producing music.


One thought on “Boyband Check-up: MBLAQ

  1. Girl, you know way too much about the history of kpop. lol. This group’s got good vocals though, I agree. Do they have different band formats? What about like co-ed bands?! That, would be pretty amazing. But of course, I dunno much about kpop as it is, just whatever pops up when I’m surfing the web about dramas. Will co-ed bands fly in South Korea?

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