2ne1’s UGLY

This past week has a been a good week for female vocals in my book. 2ne1‘s new hit single “UGLY” takes the bite as the catchiest frequency having reached my ears thus far. While the lyrics are dark, there’s nothing really like screaming I AM UGLY on a hot summer night. It’s liberating to say the least. I take it that they’re not lamenting their physical appearance, but rather acting as a medium to relay to the world the insecurities so many girls have about themselves. Not to mention, the video’s got some serious attitude. And it’s never old to hear CL’s unique robotic self auto tuning voice.

I think I’m UGLY, No body wants to LOVE me, Just like her, I want to be Pretty, I want to be PRETTY…. (They do say “pretty” a little weird.)




4 thoughts on “2ne1’s UGLY

  1. I’ve never paid attention to 2NE1. I don’t even know whose in 2NE1 besides Sandara. If that’s how you spell her name. But peple always tell me how revolutionary they are and they are a different girl group. Hmmm but I can’t say I don’t like the song but at the same time I’m not loving it.

    1. Well I’m back again ^.^ I actually caught myself singing the chorus a few times after reading this article. So then I have to say….I like the song. I probably won’t be downloading it but I do like the song. It’d different than the usual songs you here. 2NE1 is different, I have to admit that.

  2. I think they are breaking the mold of girl groups being cute/sexy (aka almost all girl groups out there). They’re going for a more rock, badass feel and I think that’s what ppl are attracted to. Definitely not revolutionary from a worldwide music standpoint, but in Korea, they can be considered just that.

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