Rainie Yang’s Longing For

Rainie Yang is 27? What?! Time flies.

I first noticed her as the lead in Devil Beside You when she played the cute Qi Yue opposite Mike He. The series skyrocketed her to fame, and her career has not dwindled since. Six years later, she’s riding the wave with Drunken to Love You and recently released another album. I’m usually the first to cringe at the idea of her singing. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find her song “Longing For” a spectacular experience. While her voice is still weak, the pop-ballet is catchy and fits her voice perfectly. (She has amazing people backing her.) The MV was BEAUTIFUL. STUNNING. BRILLIANT. I want that black dress!


One thought on “Rainie Yang’s Longing For

  1. ditto on the dress! but i find the song kinda bland, not really her sad slow ballads that i’m used to. Speaking of which, whatever happened at the end of ‘Drunken To Love You’? I never finished watching it….

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