City Hunter (2011) Ending Review

*SPOILER ALERT* as I rant about various parts of the ending.

City Hunter was one of those Korean Dramas that actually made me think a little about the human experience. I appreciated its depth, as compared to most other Korean Dramas, and I appreciated that most things made sense from beginning to end. That is not to say it didn’t have it’s loop holes and short comings, but it made me think, which is rare when I immerse myself into the fictional world of Kdramas.

Ending Review: 

So how did I feel coming out of the whirlwind relationship I’ve been developing with the City Hunter for the past two months? I’m thankful that it happened, but I’m not sure why we had to end with so little closure. I wanted to know for sure that we’re through, that I can move on, but I couldn’t. I knew he was going to leave, but he did it so abruptly that it still kept me longing for more.

The transition from episode 19 to 20 was so dark, that it made me love the drama just that much more. I had not expect the prosecutor to die here, but it was so befitting. His entire life was devoted to justice, truth, and trust in the law, and he died chasing that ideal. He died trying to prove that no one is above the law. It was as if metaphorically, he was the law, the justice system, and it failed, unable to overcome the corrupted.

I have a thing for tragic figures, and I began to fall in love with him in the later episodes, seeing his angst, and inability to arrest his father. He was so engulfed in guilt that I wonder if he’s ever been happy, trying to make up for his father’s sins, unable to love, unable to smile. (Has he ever smiled in this series?) His relentless pursuit of the City Hunter’s identity was no more than for his own satisfaction to know that he can catch the vigilante, that perhaps the Law could do at least that. He admits to his ex-wife that he feels defeated, that the things he’s believed in his whole life collapsed in front of him. His methodologies may not have been correct and he was beaten by the City Hunter, byYoon Sung. That being said, the bromance between Yoon Sung and the prosecutor played out beautifully. As Yoon Sung held the dying Young Joo in his arms, it became blatantly clear that they were the same exact person, but tactically different. They both wanted the same thing, and both tarnished by their birth origins.

However, in the last scene of the entire series, I realized that Jin Pyo was in fact the most tragic of them all. We all knew he was bound to die. The story was set up in such a way so that when his plans for revenge terminates, so will he. I couldn’t imagine how he would have been able to continue living knowing that his life’s goal had been carried out. This here was a character that could never ever be happy. The bulk of the latter half of City Hunter painted Jin Pyo as the villain. He kidnapped the President’s son, lied to the son, so that years later, he would be able to come back and kill his own father. This was the greatest revenge that Jin Pyo had promised, but in the end, he died protecting HIS son. He realized that Yoon Sung was most precious to him, and not his revenge.

So I left this series loving Jin Pyo the most, because he died understanding that he loved. His greatest sacrifice in this world was for his son, Yoon Sung. I absolutely am thankful that the blood-ties didn’t take away 28 years of unconditional love that Jin Pyo offered Yoon Sung. Thank goodness in the end the writers made it clear that no matter what, Yoon Sung was Jin Pyo’s son!

I was also very glad that they moved away from the Nana-Yoon Sung storyline. I was beginning to get really annoyed at Nana. For a bodyguard, she was literally only good at one thing, and that was using her body to block bullets. I thought she had to pass an exam to get this position, but she doesn’t seem witty at all. I hate how kdramas always resort to the use of using the beauty-as-bait tactic. The damsel in distress protocol is getting so outdated, and I’d appreciate if someday we’ll get a heroine that can kick her own fair share of ass.

While the drama wrapped up very nicely, the ending seemed rushed. If they’d began the plan to take down the president in episode 19, it might’ve been better paced. The ending did not give me enough closure. Why was Nana leaving the Blue House? Where is she going? What the hell is Yoon Sung doing? Is he still City Hunter? Things were very open-ended… are they trying to insinuate a second season?! I don’t know if I’ll like that, I’m not a fan of second seasons.


10 thoughts on “City Hunter (2011) Ending Review

  1. I actually agreed with most of the review especially the ambiguous ending part. I would love a 2nd season if it is short and not more than 10 episodes. It could just be a special episode to tie up all loose ends.

    I just have one question. What happened to the guy they looked up in his house?? Did Ahjusshi ship him off too in his suitcase?

    1. RIGHT?! WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?! Also, was the president just impeached for essentially committing a war crime? What were the punishments for the other 4?

  2. now that city hunter have ended, i feel quite sad and empty coz it is one hell of a drama, no more anticipating wednesday and thursday nights. i just hope they made the ending about nana and YS relationship a lot clearer, i can only hope for a season 2 or what LMH’s next drama would be.

    1. Season twos for most dramas never work out. Maybe this can be different… I don’t know. There’s probably a split between the viewers regarding how they concluded Nana and Yoon Sung’s relationship. This is probably the biggest indication of a second season, or a special. Who knows?

  3. i didnt understand the timeline of the ending,. they shot everyone up in that room and bam – da hye’s making coffee.. and nana’s crying while yoon sung and jin pyo hold hands was so distracting. also.. i laughed.

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