Your New Boyband of the Day: Twi-Light!

Ok. This has seriously gotten ridiculous. It must be raining hunky male popstars in S.Korea because I have absolutely no idea how five new boybands can debut in one week!! Where on earth do you get these guys from? How do they all look the same? How will we poor innocent netizens keep up? So many questions and emotions are going my mind right now…

The recipe for boyband making: flawless skin, chiseled jaws, and dyed hair to represent "diversity"

So without further ado, I present to you Twi-Light! Yes, they are named like the infamous vampire/werewolf teenage rom-com series. And yes, there’s a dash in the middle, making the word completely nonsensical. But who cares? It’s 7 perfectly-crafted specimens waiting for our drool and approval. So the members are: Minyoung, Siwan, Siwoo, Sangmin, Zeno, Jaeyoon and Heechun. Anyone else notice the similarities in the names with Super Junior members? Siwon and Heecul? And seriously? There’s a guy named Siwan AND a guy named Siwoo? As if memorizing over a million kpop names isn’t enough, you throw two guys who names that are just 2 letters apart at us?

Siwan, Siwoo, or whatever name is...I'm sorry to break it to you but your hair is RIDIC!!!
Ah...the essential tweenage looking member making all us noona fans look like pedophiles

Where did this boyband come from? So back in July of 2010, TGN Entertainment was going to debute a new group called 20star. (OMG! A 20-member boyband?) They were scheduled to debut in August of 2010 but unfortunately, the debut never occurred and the group eventually disbanded. (Whew, thank god I didn’t have to memorize those names) Some of the members from this disbanded group have now joined up to form Twi-Light.

The group is scheduled to officially debut on August 3rd with the release of a single titled, “Without U“. Earlier today, a teaser video for “Without U” was revealed, check it out:

So tell me what’s so different about this boyband with every other ones in the market right now? No, seriously…tell me ’cause I certainly don’t know.


3 thoughts on “Your New Boyband of the Day: Twi-Light!

  1. Wooowwww. What is the world coming to nowadays? Well at least it’s somewhat original. But they sound too generic. Honestly, I could picture at least three other groups singing this song.

  2. Were they inspired by the Twilight Series? lol. Can you post a new band everyday. I like your articles.

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