New boyband – BoM can’t live ‘Without You’

New boyband alert!!! (*Insert sirens here*) Actually, we don’t really need sirens when a new boyband debuts EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!

This week’s boyband debut is BoM which stands for Blooming of Our Music. Why the initials aren’t BOOM, is beyond me. Maybe they were striving to protect their ballad image by choosing a softer word or maybe the management simply don’t know English. Come on…seriously??? Blooming of Our Music? Way to put your band on gaydars everywhere.

Despite my hatred of the name, the band is surprisingly good. Now keep in mind that I’m not the ballad type, but their debut song ‘Without You’ is a keeper in my iPod (where dance tracks like ‘Hands Up’ reign). Comprised of members Raewon, Sechang, Tagoon, and Yua, this group refreshingly has the right balance of talent and look. Now I know it’s the trend nowadays to produce perfect male specimens with their handsome good looks to their rippling abs to debut into boybands. More often than not, these perfect males are well, only physically perfect. 5-seconds singers, as they often are called, emphasizes their lack of vocal talent.

This boy (Raewon) can sing!

BoM, on the other hand, is good-looking and talented! All four members of the group have an impressive history before their debut – Sechang was a child actor and contestant on MBC’s “Birth of a Great Star“, while Raewon had previously released two digital singles back in 2010. Rapper Tagoon, who is best known as Mino in the world of underground music, formerly trained with Brand New Stardom’s Block B and has previously featured in several mixtapes for Block B Zico and rapper Hanhae.

This new boyband is certainly one to look forward to. Check out their debut video below!


4 thoughts on “New boyband – BoM can’t live ‘Without You’

  1. Seriously I thought I was the only one who noticed a new group out like every week. I’m a sucker for ballads so I really like this song 🙂 I was trying to figure out what was the name of the guy with glasses and now I know! I like his voice especially ^.^ Funny you mention Hands Up, I’m watching that right now.

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