Myung Wol the Spy– Early Review

This series didn’t get nearly as much publicity as Lie To Me did, but episode 1 was 10 times better than what Lie to Me tried to deliver for the past month and a half. It’s breezy, fun, and such a treat to watch. Eric Moon is great as the arrogant Hallyu star who’s all about his image. Han Ye Seul is such a beautiful spy from North Korea, and her¬†compatriot, Choi Ryu as played by Lee Jin Wook, is making me relive the days when I use to swoon over the second leads!

So the story begins when Han is sent to Singapore on a mission to bring the daughter of a powerful North Korean general to a Gang U concert. Gang U, which is the character played by Eric, then engages Han in a playful “catch me if you can” game as she tries to get his signature. This merry-go-round scene was hilarious. She didn’t end up getting his signature, but she does get a kiss on the cheeks. (P.S. AND THEY BOTH SPEAK ENGLISH! Not that I cared much when Korean stars try to pretend like they speak english, they’re cute regardless. But it always perks my interest when they actually do. Somehow, this language similarity makes me feel closer to them… right, not creepy lol.)

Choi Ryu is undergoing some secret mission on his side, but his action scenes are swoon-worthy! It takes him two kicks to take down a thief. I think I like watching him move! I can’t wait to watch the other episodes. I’m hoping this series will be the pick me up of the summer to contrast the distasteful mood left by the highly anticipated Lie to Me.


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