City Hunter is officially my favorite drama (…at least for now)

Hot guys, nice cars, slow-moed action scenes, sweet love story, twisted plot...what more can we ask for???

It is inevitable that a drama that contains a SUPERHOT male lead, twisted plot about revenge, action sequences, and a female lead that is sassy and independent (not a sobbing mess…hint Gil Ra Im) will captivate my complete and utter attention. So much that as soon as Thursday ends, I’m in agony that Wednesday isn’t here yet.

City Hunter has surpassed all of my expectations and more. From Minho’s improved acting skills to the cliffhangers that make me praise and want to kill the writers at the same time, the drama no short of surprises. It’s unbelievable to me that the ratings are still in the lower end of the spectrum for the drama (I blame this on the lack brand name actors…thank god Cha Seung Won’s ‘The Greatest Love’ is over now).

Girl on top!

What I love the most about the drama is the dynamic between the male and female leads (ok…I love Minho’s abs too!). Kim Nana is today’s modern woman – a kick-ass bodyguard with spunkyness and sassyness that makes the hottest men aka Yoon Sung blush. I love that she’s the opposite of the traditional female lead, a damsel in distress (usually poor) who meets her prince charming. Now I gotta admit that recent dramas have given us a better female idol to look up to (think Kim Tae Hee’s determination and bravery in ‘My Princess’), but we haven’t met a Kim Nana character before. One that kicks some seriously butts and has enough bravery to make Yoon Sung look like a whimpering baby. Don’t even get me started on how I was so severely disappointed by Gil Ra Im’s supposed stuntwoman independent self….

Finally! A truly independent and strong role model girls should model after.

I love the story between the two. That they both strive to protect each other using the method they think is best. Yoon Sung by pushing Nana aside and making her forget him and Nana by fessing up to her feelings and doing whatever it takes to keep Yoon Sung by her side. It’s so refreshing to see a female lead take control for a change and tells (actually kinda forces) Yoon Sung to take her along on missions. The emotional connection between the two is unbreakable, and reinforces to the viewers that a real relationship is built on this foundation. It’s a tragic love story, but totally not Romeo and Juliet style.

The videography is exceptional. Taking us deep in a corrupt and dangerous world in one minute then soothing us with some Yoon Sung-Nana skinship moments in another. The plot is undeniably well written, with so many ‘what ifs’ and debate topics that keep my soompi forum feed on constant refresh.

While I can’t wait for the end to see if Yoon Sung and Nana end up together (crossing my fingers!), I know I will cry my eyes out when the drama is officially over. Meanwhile, I’ll savor every single moment of this AMAZING drama by watching each episode twice.


3 thoughts on “City Hunter is officially my favorite drama (…at least for now)

  1. I CANT WAIT FOR THE END EITHER!! of course nana and young shi will be together =] or ill throw a fan rage.

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