“HITT” Debuts

Please explain to me why there are so many kpop boy bands that are debutting and sounding the same?!?! AND THEIR NAMES! Any less creative and you’re just paying a rock to roll out ideas for the kmusic industry. (Pay me, I’ll spit out amazing metaphors and personifications that will skyrocket these bands to the stars.)

Sony Music debuts their boy band “HITT” today (meaning “Here is the Top”… acronyms usually do not include prepositions, just saying.)

Their song, “Good Night” was subpar. If they had debutted in the mid 90’s, this might’ve flied, but now they just sound like every other boy band Korean entertainment has to offer. How can they stand out like this? (I guess maybe they don’t want to.) The opening vocal was weak to say the least. He doesn’t sound like he has any range and the raps that occasionally inserts itself into the melody, especially starting at 3:30, reminds me of “Last Farewell.” I usually won’t blog about these pop/idol bands, but this one really got me going with the ridiculousness of their name. (Even that boy band with the whole blood type made a little bit of sense since Korean culture assesses personality types by blood type.)


:: rolls eyes::


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