Lie to Me (Kdrama) Ending

And so it ends, this LIE of a show. Terrible writing, horrible script and pace, and a lack of a substantive plot. But you know what, there was enough  YEH + KJW skinship/fan-service that a whole underground movement has developed for this series.

When I last left off, a fake conflict was brewing. Ki Joon’s ex won’t let go of him, just about everyone was finding out about the Ah Jung-Ki Joon relationship, and Sang Hee was working through his feelings for her. Towards the last two episodes, Ah Jung got dismissed from her civil servant position because the ministry thought she was serving as an insider for World Hotel since everything was being held at World Hotel and then she got reinstated within 5 minutes… but you know what, none of that really matters. People (me) continued to watch because of this:


and who can forget this:

Hand Shake turned Kiss, touche


and this close up:

And there you have it, the “Lie to Me” experience.


6 thoughts on “Lie to Me (Kdrama) Ending

    1. It was suuuuch a let down. I loved the leads so much. And their make out scenes were superb. Not even City Hunter’s LMH and PMY can beat that.

  1. What? You didn’t like it? I don’t know what you’re thinking, but ” LIE TO ME ” is Driving US CRAZY! ! ! Hope there’s Part 2! Kudos To YEH and MY Kang Ji-hwan. Hope to see you in Manila!

  2. Love this drama!! Its sooo romantic. I dont agree on what others are saying that its not good. This is one of the best romantic comedies ive watched. Story is simple but very well executed. Team up is excellent. Would love to see them in more tv dramas and or film. The way KJH kisses , my gosh, you could feel it!! Love it to death!

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