‘City Hunter’ Lightbulb Kiss [insert fangirl scream here]

I've lost count of how many times I rewatched this scene.

I am a big Lee Min Ho fan. I cannot even begin to describe to you the vast ocean of emotions going through me as I watched episode 9’s lightbulb kiss…jealousy as Min Ho cradles Min Young’s head and brushes her cheeks, longing for Min Ho to come to America and do the same to me, anticipation for a longer kiss and finally, sheer admiration for the two actors for doing such an AMAZING performance. The intimacy and desire between the two is so strong I can feel it from 10,000 miles away. THAT’S HOW AWESOME THE KISS WAS!

I’m so happy that Min Ho took on this role because he has shown us such a wide range of emotions in this series. Episode 12 and 13 comes out this week. Who’s excited?


3 thoughts on “‘City Hunter’ Lightbulb Kiss [insert fangirl scream here]

  1. love k-dramas. A category for each type of kiss lol. But this scene was super swt. Can’t wait to see new types of kisses in k-dramas.

  2. And so I watched up to episode 12 today, and you know what? That kiss was amazing but it still cannot beat LIE to ME’s ending kiss. Kissing aside though, this show had me on its pedestal! Those were some MEAN cliff hangers!

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