Finding Mr.Destiny (Movie) Review

Gong Yoo was on the big screen with “Finding Mr.Destiny” late last year. He co-stars with Im Soo Jung as an honest tourist agent who quits his job and starts up his own company. His business is to help people find their first loves and Im’s character was his first customer. As they shift through the corners of Korea looking for Im’s first lover, the two fall in love as destiny unfolds.

The movie was wonderfully choreographed and the scenes were absolutely beautiful. While I really disliked Yoon Eun Hye’s last movie (My Black Mini Dress), her Coffee Prince counterpart has really done it for himself this time. Gong Yoo was amicable and lovable in his role as Han Gi Joon. Im Soo Jung was believable as the layered Seo Ji Woo. And the scenes that intertwined between India and Seoul molded two parallel stories into one solid tale about love and destiny. I’m usually not a sap for cliche movies about fate, but the two leads stole my heart. AGain, maybe it’s because I love actresses with puffy Angelina Jolie lips, maybe not, but I love Im Soo Jung!! She really caters to every role. She deepened her naturally soft voice to match the Tomboy persona of Seo Ji Woo, but was stunningly beautiful when they needed her to transform. Gong and Im also shared AMAZING chemistry.

I would recommend this movie and am giving it a 7.5/10 only because the story is cliche.

P.S. To those of you who don’t understand the ending… the scene took place 10 years ago. They have met at the Osaka Airport before. She gave up her ticket back to Seoul and he took it. They just didn’t realize that it was each other. The point was that destiny holds true. They met again 10 years later and fell in love.


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