Big Bang’s Dazed&Confused Photoshoot

I want to admit that when I was a freshman in college, I was enamored with TOP. And I just want to say that this was before Big Bang became an international phenomenon. I was there to watch TOP blossom in “I am Sam” the kdrama, and I was the first to lip sync “B to the I to the G, Bang” to their song “Last Farewell.” Not that I’m trying to mark any territory. (Although, I was there before any of you fangirls were in training bras…I’m kidding!! I love you all!!!). With the above picture, I can understand why I was so captivated by him. However, there is way too much penciled-in eyebrow up there.

I totally understand Tae Yang's appeal. He can will a group of fangirls to fight for him at any moment with just a wink.
Yea... not really understanding this.
He's so young, yet so cute.
I'm not liking the red eyebrows.

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