City Hunter (Kdrama) Early Review

I want to begin by saying that I delayed watching this drama because I thought the casting of the show was a little off. How can they cast Lee Min Ho to play a 28 year old phD? I’m sorry, but Lee hasn’t proven to me that he has any acting talent. It seems as if in all the previous dramas I’ve seen him in, all he did was stand around and look pretty (and pretty he is). Boys Over Flowers, as great of a ratings snatcher this production was, was pretty subpar. Personal Taste was HORRIBLE. Towards the end, I almost wanted to stab my screen. But you know what, City Hunter may be his shining moment.

The show is VERY VERY loosely based on the manga. It seems as if the only thing the two have in common is the title. The story involves espionage of the South Korean government. (I learned so much modern Korean history watching dramas lol.) The South Korean government sent a team of 21 soldiers to assassinate some North Korean officials back in 1983. But when they realized they had made the wrong move, they decided to kill their own soldiers and covered up their sins. One of the 21 soldiers, Jin Pyo, survived. He kidnapped one of the sons of the dead soldiers, who grows up to look like Lee Min Ho, and becomes a drug boss in SE Asia. Jin Pyo trains this child to become a deadly assassin… kind of. I don’t understand how the child can grow up to be so care-free when he’s living in such an environment. Not to mention, in what right mind did you think it was in your power to kidnap someone else’s kid so that the kid can enact his father’s revenge? Is that what the father would’ve wanted? To all the mothers out there, do not leave your newborns outside.

In the present time, Lee’s character meets Kim NaNa, played by Park Min Young (I really liked Park Min Young when she was in S.Scandal.) and they both work as parts of the South Korean Security Department. There’s a lot of the typical kdrama love-square going on. And on top of that, we also get the political/military revenge stories. In terms of political/military thrillers go, this show has a lot of plot holes and WTFs. However, if you think about how they needed to combine all of that and still try to make an enjoyable drama that can appeal to a wide demographic, it’s pretty darn good. This is a great fix for the time being. If you crave a solid political thriller, this is not it. If you are yearning for a military action film, this is not it either. (The action sequences are impressive for Lee Min Ho, considering he looks so slim he can snap; however, the slow-mo’s are annoying. They needa hire a Jackie Chan to choreograph some moves.) But if you’re looking for something that kind of has both and Lee Min Ho looking like he’ll jump Park Min Young any minute now, this IS it.

Their height difference is MUCH bigger than this poster shows. She's probably standing on a brick.

9 thoughts on “City Hunter (Kdrama) Early Review

  1. before, i watched this drama because of lee min ho, but now i am totally into the story, it is really entertaining and you would anticipate the next episode, though of course since its fiction, there are a lot of loop holes and unbelievable scenes. As for lee min ho, he really has acting talent aside from having a pretty face and he has come a long way from his BOF days.

  2. boys over flower was amazing and personal taste and now city hunter lee min ho is amazing in his acting career i guess you cant see talent when it hits you in the face

    1. Yay!! We have haters! lol. This means we’re getting hits on this page.

      I think a lot of bloggers get this (hate mail) whether or not it’s about dramas. The quintessential aspect of blogging requires that you have an opinion, whether it’s negative or positive. So I hope all of our readers will understand that an opinion is an opinion and to respect the free space that we’ve established here on this site. That being said, I love discussion, as long as it’s not rude. Thanks.

  3. The last episode was hanging and got lots of questions on my mind. But this show was really, really great. Its my favorite KDrama so far. Do you know pure love/49 days? I loved that too.. but I loved CH most. 🙂

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