Lie to Me (2011) Kdrama Episode 9

In Episode 9, everyone got a haircut… ya… I like it though. Yoon Eun Hye looks better that way.

Sweetest father-daughter moments occurred in the beginning of this episode. Both parties are upset. Ki Joon is trapped between Yoon Ju and his heart. Gong Ah Jung thinks Ki Joon was playing with her and is upset. And you know, the general scheme of things is pretty good in terms of why everyone is feeling angry, upset, angst-y, except the first half was so poorly set up. I like how important Gong Ah Jung is in terms of her line of work. Even the manager of World Hotel screamed at the CEO for her. When Ki Joon saw her at one of his company’s resorts, he screamed at her in front of a gazillion people telling her that her tourism agency isn’t welcomed here. Jeez… ok, say no to the government why don’t you. If this script was written correctly, this could even be a reference to the bonding and breaking ties between corporations and government. Anyways, then there’s this STUPID scene where Ah Jung runs off into the woods, twists her ankle, and 100 people searches for her. OMG, PLEASE COME UP WITH NEW MATERIAL. UGH!@!@$ Just when you think this episode might be stupid-free.Very predictable, he finds her before the others and they end up in the hospital.

So now it’s Ki Joon’s turn to take care of her, but not for long. It’s very tense between them. When Ki Joon returns home, he’s surprised to find Yoon Ju and Sang Hee at his place. Apparently, it’s Sang Hee’s birthday.

He does NOT look 28. Hmph.

So Ran gets ready to leave to study abroad (To study what, I have no idea.). It looks like she and her husband are separating.

Ah Jung goes on a blind date. Her date is a financial analyst. He makes 100 million won a year (which I guess almost 100k) and has a yacht. (I’d prefer someone who makes more than that. Living expenses will skyrocket within the next decade.) He picks the location, which happens to be World Hotel. (Okay, so apparently in this drama, this one hotel is the go-to for all your outing needs… >_>) They meet, and of course, Ki Joon is there too. Ah Jung and Ki Joon ignore each other. When Ki Joon leaves, Ah Jung excuses herself from her date to go to the washroom. (Seeing him must’ve made her sweat a little.)

On Sang Hee’s end, he’s driving home and is thinking about what Ah Jung said about her date. He drives back to the hotel and rides up the elevator. (OMG, is he liking her now too? WTF, please don’t. Or maybe, this time he’ll learn how to back off. Maybe this is a life lesson he has to learn.)

BUT THEN, as Ah Jung comes out of the washroom, someone grabs her by the arm, AND IT’S KI JOON!


I HATE ARM GRABBING. THIS DRAMA HAS WAY TOO MUCH ARM GRABBING!@@!@ Ok, now that that’s out of my system, let me comment on some logistics. The manager that works for World Hotel has amazing fashion taste. Every single one of her outfits have been a hit and win. Love her damn SHOES! argh. They need to show her more just because she’s looking so good.

Secondly, what kind of CEO sits behind an open desk. Look at that. Unacceptable.

Lastly, again with the damn socks. If you’re a chaebol, please buy pants from a tailor that understands that when CEOs sit down, their socks should not show. It just looks awkward.


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