Lie to Me (2011) Kdrama Episode 8

So I lied. (Haha, pun reference to drama title.) I continued to watch the drama, and the cola kiss scene did not let me down. What sizzling chemistry the leads have! Dear Drama writer, you have so much material to work with. Get your shit together. This episode has redeemed from me one more chance for this show.


Ah Jung helps Ki Joon secure the Shanghai contract with the old couple. (Though, in the dumbest way possible. All she did was comfort the old lady… whatever, I’ll let it slide.) Yoon Ju wants Ki Joon back. She won’t back down even when the Aunt of the Hyun brothers confront her, asking her to let it go. So Ran gives Ah Jung the address to Yoon Ju’s place, encouraging her frenemy to confront this mistress. Ah Jung actually goes to see Yoon Ju, but pretends to be someone who was lost. (So now the two have seen each other face to face, I guess the writer can weave some conflict out of it later on.) Ah Jung sees how pretty Yoon Ju is (which, she really isn’t, kinda looks plastic if you ask me.) and gets drunk with her co-workers. They send her home in a taxi, and she ends up naked in Ki Joon’s house the next morning. (Don’t worry, this is Korean, nothing happened.) AND THEN THIS HAPPENS! (To capture the entire scene, I’m just going to link you all to the entire scene. Screen caps will not suffice.)

And then BAM! The Aunt plans for all three of them to meet: Yoon Ju, Ah Jung, and Ki Joon… =D Yay, some drama progress and believable angst. Basically the aunt goes “hey Yoon Ju, this man is married, lay off his back.” What a move by the Aunt! (Aunt: 1, Yoon Ju: 0) It was evil, so I love it. Yoon Ju runs off from embarrassment, Ki Joon runs after her, and leaves Ah Jung behind. Ah Jung waits for him outside his mansion, but leaves after he didn’t come back. What was he doing? He was hugging Yoon Ju at the beach. (Old habits die hard, but it’s believable that he still has feelings for his old flame. The only reason they broke up was because of his brother.)

Since he wasn’t home, Ah Jung goes and waits for him outside Yoon Ju’s house. In the morning, the two do return, and Yoon Ju announces to Ah Jung that thanks to her, Ki Joon and her are now back together. (Dang… Ah Jung’s face says it all, amazing acting by Yoon Eun Hye. It’s like embarrassment mixed with anguish. So so so so good.) Ah Jung naturally bolts out of there saying she has to go to work. (Well, that is legit, she’s a SENIOR affairs officer.) We see that Ki Joon is conflicted with her leaving. It seems as if he actually didn’t say anything about getting back together with Yoon Ju. All he did was hug her, but hey, that’s confusing as well.

Waterworks from Yoon Eun Hye. I think I know why I love her now. Because she can do THIS.

Ah Jung drives away crying, but can I just say that crying and driving at the same time is very dangerous? This really should be discouraged.

So Ran is beating her husband again for allowing Ah Jung to find out that he’s cheating. Apparently this is information the couple share. She asks him “Why can’t you cheat the right way?” He tells her it’s because this time he wants to humiliate her in front of Ah Jung. Which probably means this is not the first time he’s cheated. He runs out of the house, which is now a mess after So Ran tried to throw everything at him. Ah Jung comes to confess to So Ran that her marriage was a fake, and we end the episode.

I guess I’m going to stick this drama out. There are times when I can’t even stand watching it, then there are times when I feel like there’s so much potential and I must nurture it. Very conflicting.


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