Lie to Me (2011) Kdrama Episode 7

Why is it that watching this drama makes me nervous? There really was not much movement and things are so silly. The story is not believable, and I don’t understand a lot of the set up. WTH drama writer, you have two of the best actors leading this disaster with sizzling chemistry, and yet, nothing.


I wanna just be like– Nothing happen in this episode, because a lot of the scenes were pointless. So we begin by remembering that awesome post-karaoke kiss between the leads. This is disrupted by the Aunt coming to Ki Joon’s door on a business call. Ki Joon makes Ah Jung hide in his closet for a long time while his aunt listens to So Ran’s husband sing. We are shown another kiss sequence. Ah Jung fell asleep and Ki Joon came to wake her up.

But of course, this was a dream. (I’m really annoyed at the stupid dreams in this drama. They don’t add to the story at all. I think it’s okay for a drama to include these fillers IF the drama made any sense. Not LTM, this show is wackos.)

As they are cleaning up after the party, Ah Jung asks Ki Joon why he kissed her. His reply? He was acting. She gets upset and leaves his mansion. As we later find out, this might have been her first kiss. (Really now, at almost 30, she’s never kissed anyone? I mean, that’s fine, but was it really necessary to include this tidbit? Sigh.)

Yoon Eun Hye's signature crying eye glare. Five stars.

On So Ran’s end, she’s totally miffed by the hot kiss Ah Jung displayed at the dinner party. Her friends are telling her that she’s being too harsh on Ah Jung, and for no reason. So Ran gets angry, leaves the room and bumps into the woman that her husband is cheating on her with.

"Excuse me, I am your husband's mistress."

So Ran bursts into her husband’s work place and beats the hoohas outta him. (This was a pretty violent scene. We see her pulling his hair out and punching him. Would this not be domestic abuse? )

Ki Joon gives his maid a few days off while he makes Ah Jung come over to his mansion to clean up after herself. (He likes her.) While she’s cleaning, he asks her why she was so angry last night, and he pulls her into a half hug beside him. Sang Hee arrives to pick up the designer clothing he lent Ah Jung to fill Ki Joon’s closet and is pissed off to see the lovey interaction between Ki Joon and Ah Jung. (Well, hello you idiot, you delivered her into his arms, and now you’re pissed? Not to mention you’re still in love with Yoon Ju. Make up your mind.) Sang Hee grabs Ah Jung’s arm and pulls her out of the house. (I HATE ARM GRABBING, UGH!!)

While at the job the next day, Ah Jung calls Ki Joon, lying to him about losing an important pen at his place. He quickly realizes that she’s lying, but decides to go with it. He meets up with her, brings her a wade of pens, she picks one out of the bunch and insists on taking him to the movies to thank him. They end up also drinking at a bar and he takes her home.

The next day, Yoon Ju shows up at Ki Joon’s office and they go for a walk. She cuts her feet because she’s walking barefoot on the grass. (Ya, that would kinda happen in a polluted city park.) Ki Joons runs off to buy her a first aid kit, comes back, cannot find her, and is worried. He finally finds her, yells at her for not staying where she was, and proceeds to help her with her wound. Instead, Yoon Ju refuses and wants them to start over. (I’m yawning.) Ki Joon screams for her to sit down so he can tend her wound, she screams back that such a small cut does not hurt, probably insinuating that something else is hurting more. (Uh, her heart, etc. YAWNING.) Ki Joon walks away.

Anyways, cutting to the last few scenes, Ki Joon is super stressed out from work and from his personal life. He eats some leftover food Ah Jung left from her dinner party and becomes ill. Ah Jung came to return the necklace the Chinese investors gave to the wife of CEO Ki Joon, and Ki Joon falls on her at the door. (argh, the typical kdrama set up.) She takes care of him the whole night, blah blah, and he wakes up, and grabs her arm.


A lot of things happened in this episode, and yet nothing seemed to have happened. I don’t know how to describe it. The director is trying to convey the growing relationships between the leads, in a poorly orchestrated fashion might I add, and the people involved in their side dilemmas, like So Ran, Sang Hee, and Yoon Ju. Yet, I’m not buying it. It doesn’t feel like Sang Hee is falling in love with Ah Jung. They foster more of a brother-sister relationship. I don’t understand how Ki Joon is falling in love with Ah Jung considering his old flame is back. I totally buy that Ah Jung is being swept away and developing a major crush on Ki Joon, but the vice versa is hard to comprehend. When I watch these developments, I cringe. I am trying to relate to what’s going on, but the directing and poor writing isn’t helping. I can even understand the overall story the writer wants us to witness, but the way it’s being played out sucks major balls.

At least with My Princess (2011) the developing feelings between the leads were UNDERSTANDABLE. We see it coming, and the set up was amazing. With LTM, it’s the complete opposite. It pains me to have to say this, but I don’t think I will be recapping this drama episode by episode anymore. I don’t think I can watch it anymore, it’s that bad. When it ends, I’ll summarized it all and give a review. Cheers.


3 thoughts on “Lie to Me (2011) Kdrama Episode 7

  1. I’m looking for articles about KJH but saw this site instead. It doesn’t seem like you understood anything that you’ve seen. May I ask, have you fallen in love already?

    1. I contemplated whether I should answer this comment with snark or disdain, or not at all. But you know what, I’ve got to say, this is one of the best veiled attacks on my opinions on this drama thus far. By questioning my abilities to understand the delivery of the drama script and then following it by offending my personal experiences, I gotta say, that was pretty good.

      Other than that, if you want to discuss the drama, please feel free to ask a question pertaining to it. I haven’t revisited these blog posts in a while, it’s nostalgic to reread these very first posts and remember the summers past.

      Thanks for reading!

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