New Kpop group – BOYFRIEND ‘Boyfriend’ Review

Yes. You’ve read it right. The group is name Boyfriend…and their title song is named after them. This 6-member boyband is the latest debut from Starship Entertainment. The song, catchy and upbeat, has the makings of every rookie’s debut song. A hum-worthy melody, a random rap in the middle, and some cute dance moves. Now the one thing that is not so cute is the continuous  “Eh, eh” in the chorus. C’mon people!!! You can’t come up with a better meaningless repetitive phrase other than “Eh”?? Even “La, la” works better.

The music video is a sight for the eyes, feminine (but I guess still cute) teenage boys dressed pretty nicely dancing in unison. Now, I can attest that the dancing isn’t bad, but one move in particular is a dealbreaker for me. While singing “Eh, eh,” they clamp their hands together as if they’re wishing me a happy Chinese new year. I cannot even begin to tell you how wrong that is. But anyways, the music video overall is pretty decent. Just enough clothing/scenery transitions and mix of dancing and “acting.”

As my previous posts mention, boyband members nowadays are beginning to look very similar to each other. It’s as if there’s some secret cloning device that makes perfect specimens for fangirls to scream over. But in the case of Boyfriend, there are actual twins in the group. Yup. Identical twins. When I watched the video, I thought that at least 3 of them looked exactly the same, but little did I know that I correctly predicted 2 of them. So without further ado, I present to you all the latest teenage boys to hit the Korean airwaves…


7 thoughts on “New Kpop group – BOYFRIEND ‘Boyfriend’ Review

  1. I watched the video twice before I actually noticed that there were twins. Overall I thought the song was really cute which I guess fits them since they are still young.

  2. yea they looked too much alike to other boy bands. Yea the lines ehh ehh were kinda dumb but thats how most our songs are nowadays. Repetitions of simple words.

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