Lie to Me (2011) Kdrama Episode 6

OH. MY. GOODNESS…. (BREATHS) =O — If you have been skipping some episodes, #6 is the one to watch.

I dunno what to say, so unexpected. Lemme just go straight to the recap.

Gong Ah Jung is in big trouble. So Ran wants her to plan a housewarming party at Ki Joon’s house. She runs off to ask Ki Joon to borrow his house, and of course, he rejects her immediately. She talks it over with Sang Hee, still oblivious to the fact that they’re brothers. Sang Hee volunteers his Aunt’s house since his Aunt goes away on the weekends, but this plan falls apart shortly thereafter. Speaking of the Aunt, she’s been spying on Ki Joon. The flaky photographs her spies got her show Ki Joon hanging out frequently with Ah Jung, but after seeing Yoon Joo, Aunty realizes that the latter is a bigger problem. She talks to Ki Joon, acknowledging that Yoon Joo is back, but also warning him that Sang Hee also just came back. She knows Ki Joon is stuck between a rock and a hard place, but she reminds him of how important his little brother is. (Like the saying, Bros before Hos.)

Back to the housewarming dilemma. Secretary Park Hoon is on Ah Jung’s side. He thinks she has it tough and if it were him, he said to Ki Joon, he’d let her borrow his house. (Does Park Hoon have a little crush now? Cutie) So Ki Joon thinks it over and drives over to Ah Jung’s place to talk to her. Lo and behold, he sees her hanging out with Sang Hee. He smirks, and drives off, leaving Ah Jung bewildered and Sang Hee apologetic. (But can Ah Jung really blame Sang Hee? He’s been leaving so many damn hints for her. How DID she pass the civil service exam?)

Sang Hee trots home the next morning to see that Yoon Joo’s visiting. (This woman is everywhere now isn’t she?) He hides until she leaves, and there’s this whole scene of him playing basketball alone in the park. I don’t really understand why we needed to see his slanky fragile stick figure body run around the court playing basketball in leather shoes. But there you have it… Unnecessary.

The next morning, secretary Park Hoon sees Ah Jung loitering outside Ki Joon’s house. He asks Ki Joon what she came by to say so early in the morning, and Ki Joon looks up at him surprised. He had no idea she came by. So after thinking it over a bit, Mr. CEO calls her up and asks to meet. She’s touring new luxury condos and tells him to meet her there. She shamelessly asks the realtor if she can “sample” the condo before buying, if staying for one night would be possible. The realtor kicks them out.

So now Ah Jung is out of options and she goes to seek the powers of a hypnotist…?? (Wow, really) She wants to hypnotize Ki Joon into letting her use his house, to which the hypnotist says that’s a crime and refuses. She’s out of options. She sees Sang Hee on her way home and flashbacks to all the hints he’s been dropping her about his identity. (I’m really glad she’s so chill and forgives him.) They go drinking and thinks up of ideas to remedy the housewarming problem. Perhaps setting the house on fire will suffice? LOL. We see a whole series of scenes where Sang Hee and Ah Jung are dressed like ninjas, break into Ki Joon’s mansion, and set the place on fire. Ki Joon suffocates from the fire. Obviously, these were just dreams, and they were Ki Joon’s dreams. (Pretty funny though.) So the next day, Ki Joon decides to let Ah Jung use his house while he goes to the movies with his secretary Park Hoon.

At the movies, Yoon Joo calls Ki Joon to tell him she made too much food and asks if he wants to come over. We don’t hear his answer, but we see him watching the movie with his secretary. We cut to a scene when someone’s finger rings a bell. We see both Yoon Joo and Ah Jung open their doors, but the person in front of Yoon Joo’s door was Sang Hee, and KI JOON SHOWED UP TO AH JUNG’S DINNER PARTY?!?!

He looks good in white.

He helps her and greets her guests at the door. His amicability scares Ah Jung, who is nervous around him, not understanding what he has up his sleeves. He tells her it’s acting, and he’s pretty good at acting.

He shakes his hips and claps to announce that dinner is ready.. LOL

During dinner, we get these really awkward comments coming from Jae Bum, who is sweating over the fact that Ah Jung saw him with his mistress. He compliments her over and over again and reveals to Ki Joon that she lost her mother as a child. Ki Joon then stares at Ah Jung like this:

for a looooong time. It was pretty weird. I don’t understand the excess sympathy from this exchange of information. Is he pitying her because he lost his mother early on too? Why does he have to look at her like that? Nevertheless Kang Ji Hwan did an amazing job with his facial gestures here. A tiny lift of an eyebrow, his gorgeous smile, crinkling of his nose… so well done! (He is an actor indeed lol. What a meta pun!)

So then, the guests encouraged Ah Jung and Ki Joon to sing. The couple sing some song about ice cream and love… and after some flashbacks, I thought his aunt was going to burst into the room and bust the party. BUT SHE DIDN’T, HE LEANED IN AND KISSED HER!!?!

The following are a few angles at which this event occurred (LOL):

While everyone was watching
Look at his hands. They were sooo going at it.


WHAT?!? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Ok, so yea, that was pretty wicked, and man can Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan kiss. They are AMAZING kissers. lol. This ending made sure that we’re coming back for episode 7 next week, but at the same time, I’m a little perplexed as to why this occurred. How can he like her all of a sudden?!? I don’t understand. The story is a little flaky. What made him like her now especially since Yoon Joo is back? I don’t think the set up was good enough for me to buy that he likes her now. Ya, he’s being pressured by his aunt to stop loving Yoon Joo. Ya, Ah Jung is great. She’s fun, spunky, and cooky. But, why?? I don’t buy it!! … WHO CARES! YOON EUN HYE AND KANG JI HWAN~~ haha. (Fangirl moment)

Now to some logistics. Again, I love the secretary. He’s sooo cute, but but but… what if he’s gay? (My heart will shatter.) He likes watching melodramas and he knows his boss’ sizes. He doesn’t have a girlfriend (which can be a good thing for me hehe.) and he’s so keen on detail.  He is too adorable. Look at this:

Park Hoon, please don’t break my heart.

Lastly, why do they put so much make up on Yoon Eun Hye sometimes. She’s already so pretty. Lay low on the bronzers and blush. The make up becomes so apparent when they put so much bronzer on her cheeks. Jeez, she needs a new make up artist.


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