Lie to Me (2011) Kdrama Episode 5

Lie to Me is really gnawing at my patience. Most of episode 5 was material that I wanted to fast forward. The ending, though, glimmered with a tiny bit of hope. The beautiful cherry blossom scene was amazing, in terms of aesthetics. (In terms of story, to tell you the truth, I thought it was kind of random.) I so want to give this drama a chance. It’s Yoon Eun Hye for goodness sakes, so I’m hoping Episode 6 will pull my interest back in, or else these recaps will be bitter and distasteful. haha.


When we last left off, our two leads were back in those blue duck shaped paddle boats. Ki Joon, Mr. CEO, proposes to Ah Jung, asking that they fake their marriage for the next month or two… or until the Shanghai Chairman signs a deal with World Hotel. He doesn’t tell Ah Jung why he changed his mind, but I really like how Ah Jung isn’t dumb. She laughs at him and wants him to acknowledge that he’s in a messy situation and needs her help in some way. They change scenario and goes to a coffee shop. Ah Jung decides that they need to write their agreement down for future references. (Haha, I really like how she’s the one initiating the contract now since he’s always threatening to sue her with “evidence.”) They write down two copies of their contract and part their separate ways.

Look at how legit that table mat contract is

That Sunday, Ah Jung’s father asks her why she’s at home. Ah Jung remembers that she’s now a married woman and should be doing something on Sundays. She then initiates her “revenge on So Ran” plan and proceeds to ask her “friend” to come out to go shopping with her .

She's eating cup noodles on her bed. What a slob. I was holding my breath watching her eat.

So Ran rushes to the mall to meet up with Ah Jung. They walk around trying to out-do each other. Ah Jung fakes getting phone calls from her hubby while So Ran cringes in anguish. While they were shopping for men’s shirts, So Ran finds out that Ah Jung doesn’t even know what size clothing Ki Joon wears. She also points out that Ah Jung is not wearing a wedding ring, to which Ah Jung says it’s because the ring is too expensive to be flaunting around on a daily basis. Towards the end of their mall trip, So Ran’s husband shows up, and their fake lovey dovey-ness gets on Ah Jung’s nerves.

However, when the So Ran- Jae Bum couple leaves Ah Jung’s sight, we are shown that their marriage is not as happy as she makes it out to be. So Ran has a ridiculous temper, is spiteful, and takes her husband for granted. We later find out that Jae Bum is cheating on her. I’m not sure if her biatchy-ness caused him to cheat, or it’s because he’s cheating that she’s like this. (It’s like the question of the chicken or the egg…) Anyways, Ah Jung then texts Ki Joon asking him what his size is. Ki Joon doesn’t even know himself, but his trusty secretary does.

Are these Kang Ji Hwan’s real measurements?

We also find out that Yoon Joo is baaaack. She comes to look for Ki Joon, and they have this lovely reunion filled with the typical flashbacks and how they loved each other so much blah blah. I really don’t care. They go take a walk in the park and are spotted by So Ran. So Ran had found lipstick on her husband’s clothes, so she knows he’s cheating, and she stormed off to catch some fresh air. (It’s weird that she doesn’t confront him, I wonder if she’s caught him before. Knowing how bad her attitude is, I’m really surprised she didn’t slice him when she saw that lipstick. I’m really interested in her back-story now.) So then So Ran sees this and assumes that Ki Joon is cheating on his “wife,” Ah Jung. This news totally cheers her up (look at how evil her grin is) and she tells Ah Jung the next day.

Ah Jung is embarrassed and storms into Ki Joon’s office to confront him. He, on the other hand, feels like he did nothing wrong and gives off the whole “how dare you enter into my office” attitude. Thank goodness Ah Jung didn’t let him stomp on her like that, instead she remembers why she came into his office, tells him off, and SHE storms out. (Yay for not having a weak female lead.) But while she was leaving World Hotel, which is where Ki Joon’s office is, she sees Jae Bum and his mistress. Ah Jung becomes really upset, which is understandable. Here was this man who she thought was the world. He was proper, smart, and basically perfect. She lived her whole life based on that image of him, and now it’s shattered. I can understand why she’s upset. So she goes to drink.

And she calls up Ki Joon to tell him to come drink with her. At this point, I’m feeling really sorry for this girl. It seems as if she has no friends. Last time she was upset, she called up Sang Hee, who she barely knew. This time, she calls up her fake husband. The time before last, she approaches her father’s girlfriend. She really has no one to talk to, makes me sad. Ki Joon actually shows up and drinks with her. She gets super drunk, and we have that whole she almost gets hit by a car and he grabs her and hugs her sequence. Very clique, made me yawn and want to stop watching. She vomits on him, he goes to wash himself up. She runs off but comes back… and SOMEHOW, we then end up at the infamous cherry blossom scene. (Like wth, how did that even happen.) The scenery is BEAUTIFUL. I cannot lie. Ah Jung and Ki Joon sit next to each other to enjoy the view. They are both mesmerized by the atmosphere and he leans in to kiss her. (This is the most drawn out almost kiss ever… ugh, hello, how long does it take for your head to move 1 feet towards one direction.) When he almost kisses her, they both snap out of it and the scene ends.

The next morning, she calls him out again. He’s flopping around his bed feeling awkward about that “almost-kiss.” He thought she called him out to apologize, but instead, she’s feeling cool about last night, even telling him that she doesn’t remember things when she drinks, so he shouldn’t feel awkward. (=D, way to go girl) She takes out their contract and makes him sign in a clause saying he won’t “cheat.” He does so, but of course, he’s then left feeling awkward all by himself.

Later on, Ah Jung calls up Sang Hee to go buy a ring. Sang Hee hooks her up with some serious diamonds before she leaves to go hang out with So Ran and her friends. So Ran’s husband shows up at the women’s gathering with a bouquet of flowers for So Ran (someone’s feeling guilty about something) and sees Ah Jung. He feels nervous, leaves, and tries to listen to the conversation outside the door. The women friends are all admiring Ah Jung’s rings, making So Ran envious. So then So Ran asks Ah Jung to do a housewarming party…at Ah Jung’s house.

Sang Hee + Ah Jung ❤ ❤ ❤


Well then, there’s finally SOME movement towards the end of episode 5. A lot of the scenes are unnecessarily drawn out. Is it just me, or does no one really care about Yoon Joo? Because, I don’t care what she does. She’s a total side character and I really can give a shitz about what she did in France. She’s so boring. I rather see Ah Jung and So Ran bite each other’s heads off, but of course, given that this is a korean drama, we MUST have the love triangle/square.

I think I’m in love with Ki Joon’s secretary. He’s suuuuuuuuuuuch a cutie pie, especially with his glasses. (*Swoon*) This actor is so good at spitting out line after line of pun. Love it. Sang Hee is also such a cutie pie. He’s so skinny though, and I really like his friendship with Ah Jung. Nothing romantic, but I love their interaction — like an awesome noona-dongseng relationship. I don’t know how it’d play out if Sang Hee start to develop romantic feelings towards Ah Jung, I hope it won’t be a Yoon Joo take 2, I’d write to the drama writer and complain haha. Please, let there be more plot movement in episode 6.


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