Drunken To Love You Recap [Ep. 4]

This episode was the best one so far in that it wraps up some of the plot inconsistencies and delivers some lovey-dovey scenes as well. The episode begins with Jie Xiu heading off to inspect the house that he was designing. At the same time, Xiao Ru receives a text from Yi Xiang to go meet him at a church. She walks in and finds…PEGGY!!! Peggy tells her that she lost and that she will leave Yi Xiang and return him to Xiao Ru.

So Peggy leaves but Xiao Ru feels that something’s not right so she follows her. Sure enough, Peggy goes to an OB/GYN and is getting ready for an abortion. Xiao Ru rushes in, pulls Peggy outside and scolds her…ok ok…more like slap some sense in her.

Oh snap!!! Well can't say she didn't deserve it.

Xiao Ru tells her that she will give up Yi Xiang because the child is innocent. (Sigh…the sacrificial girlfriend move…) And Peggy looks ecstatic and hugs her and leaves.

Just then, a reporter who’s been following Ai Wei, suspecting that she is still together with Jie Xiu walks up to Xiao Ru and tells her that he’s heard everything – Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu are pretending. Xiao Ru denys it and the reporter tells her to prove it. Xiao Ru and the reporter go up to the house where Jie Xiu is working at and after some really fake acting and hugs and kisses, the reporter is speechless.

At the same time, Jie Xiu’s construction workers are angry and protesting to leave after Jie Xiu’s temper tantrum. One of the construction workers kicks a ladder, and the hammer on top of it falls. Xiao Ru pushes Jie Xiu out of the way and gets hit. Jie Xiu is frantically carries Xiao Ru to the hospital.

While Xiao Ru is resting, the construction worker who has beef with Jie Xiu comes and thanks her for saving his dog the night that they got married. Xiao Ru starts to remember and the construction worker tells her that he will do anything to repay her. She suggests that he and other construction workers go back and work for Jie Xiu. He agrees on the condition that Jie Xiu has to work alongside them to experience the work that they go through.

He doesn't look that bad...from the side...

So there’s a happy upbeat song and some cute scenes of the couple working on the house. And finally, the house is finished. The construction worker tells Jie Xiu to treasure his wife and all that goodness…and we can see Jie Xiu being moved…
Good episode…the slap definitely helped and the happy working montage scene satisfied my romantic delusions that someday this will happen to me too.


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