Drunken To Love You Recap [Ep. 3]

The surprise kiss soon turns into a fight and some hardcore teeth brushing.

Afterwards, Jie Xiu sets off to work while Xiao Ru goes on a trip to forget her past. She visits all the places that she and Yi Xiang have been to (aka the stereotypical coffee shops, the beach, etc.)

The reminiscent scenes are the best!

So she sits by a beach when Jie Xiu finds her and follows her in case she does anything stupid. She jumps down on the beach and he thinks that she really jumped into the ocean. So he rushes down to save her.

Naturally, he just suffers and gets rescued by the coast guard while Xiao Ru is eating a hot dog and watching the funny scene with the crowd.

What a dramatic beach rescue...

Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru arrive at the hotel where Yi Xiang and his mistress is staying and Xiao Ru rushes to talk to Yi Xiang. She tells him that she’ll never let him go and that she will forgive him. And he responds saying that she should give up because he is with Peggy now (yes…the mistress is named Peggy…what a way to belittle her even more). Yi Xiang and Peggy goes up to the room and Peggy embraces him, saying that she knew that he’ll fall in love with her and that they will be happy together. He turns to her and tells her that he was only mean to Xiao Ru because he wanted her to give up, to find her own happiness because obviously he couldn’t give it to her. He tells Peggy that he will never stop loving Xiao Ru…

In yo face!!!

Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu are bickering at home again when Ai Wei drops by. They immediately go up to Jie Xiu’s room for some alone time, but Xiao Ru doesn’t get the point.

Hey man...if you're 'busy', hang a tie on the doorknob...

So Ai Wei gets called away to an interview (who has interviews in the middle of the night?? I guess only famous models do…) and leaves the married couple. Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru watches a movie on the couch and both fall asleep.

Pretty slow episode…some exaggerated funny scenes and the ‘no Peggy I don’t love you’ scene saved it though.


One thought on “Drunken To Love You Recap [Ep. 3]

  1. Why can’t Kingone get Rainie? T_T I wanna know what happens lol. Your recaps are just the right length and tells us just the right amt of information to get the story.

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