Drunken To Love You Recap [Ep. 2]

The happy-go-lucky couple wakes up and find out that in their (really fake) drunken rage, they got married to each other. Both rush down to city hall immediately to file for a divorce. Jie Xiu receives a phone call from Ai Wei telling him that his plan works…staying married to Xiao Ru will prevent reporters from finding out about Jie Xiu and Ai Wei’s relationship. So thus, she tells him to stayed married and they will continue to secretly date. He reluctantly agrees and leaves with Xiao Ru.

LOL she takes the cheap wedding pillow present too.

So Jie Xiu asks Xiao Ru to stayed married to him for 3 months. After that, they will get a divorce and Ai Wei will announce her and Jie Xiu’s relationships and everyone will live happily ever after…NOT.

For 100,000RMB, I would pretend to be married for 3 months...

Xiao Ru tells him to forget it and leaves to meet up with her girlfriend. Then she realizes that all her stuff is at his place and they both attempt to break into the house to get her stuff back. They both get arrested and Jie Xiu comes to the police station to pick them up. On the way back, Xiao Ru tells him to drop her off at the airport so she can go to Vegas to find Yi Xiang. He hesitantly does so. And this is when the real drama happens…

As Xiao Ru walks to the airport, she sees Yi Xiang and the other woman!!!

It turns out that this girl is preggers!! WHAT?!?! Yea…Mr. Pilot here has sure been busy around the world…So anyways, Jie Xiu sees the situation and walks up to protect Xiao Ru. Yi Xiang says that he’s sorry and leaves. On the way back from the airport, Xiao Ru tells Jie Xiu to pull over and they walk around in this cute little park. She’s crying and he pities her so he hugs her.

LOL funniest face everrr

She decides that she’ll take him up on his offer so she can earn the money to open her own restaurant. They make a contract and sign it.

And we get a glimpse of their married adventures immediately as he walks into his bathroom the next morning, naked, and finds her sleeping in the shower. She wakes up and trips over the (imaginary?) step and falls right onto his lips…a Taiwanese drama must!

God I hope he really isn't naked.

It’s been a slow but sweet ride so far. Everything is coming together nicely to develop the stereotypical quirky romantic story. But truth be told, I just want to see Ep. 12 to see how they end up together already…


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