Drunken To Love You Recap [Ep. 1]

<Drunken To Love You> is the brainchild of noted idol drama director, Chen Ming Zhang. And yes, he was the one who produced <Fated To Love You> which is perhaps the most popular Taiwanese drama to date, and helped Ethan Ruan and his caterpillar eyebrows rocket to stardom. And of course, there are various references in this drama to its famous predecessor.

The story begins with a typical Taiwanese girl (cute, petite, big-eyed…you get the picture), Xiao Ru, played by Rainie Yang, getting her travel documents ready and heading out to meet her boyfriend, Yi Xiang, played by Kingone Wang. Let me have a fangirl moment here to bask in the handsomeness of this man. He plays a pilot and let me tell you…he does that uniform justice. At the same time, famous model, Ai Wei, played by Tiffany Xu, is relaxing inside a hotel room with her secret boyfriend, Jie Xiu, played by Joseph Chang. The two couples are all lovey-dovey with one another and of course, in dramaland, everything is about to change.

The ironic crossing of the paths when picking up their engagement rings...(And also, the essential product placement for budgetary reasons...)

Both men are getting ready to propose to their respective girlfriends and Xiao Ru, our female protagonist, is fantasizing and doing all this cutesy stuff to get ready for the proposal. Little did she know that after her boyfriend Yi Xiang answers a mysterious phone call, her love life will be in the gutters. So she goes to the hotel with her luggage and waits for him but he already gave a breakup letter to the bartender to give to her. This is when I go…WTF?? A letter? Man up and say it to her face, you pussy! Anyways, on the other side of the love square, Jie Xiu proposes to Ai Wei in her hotel room, and naturally, she puts her career first and brushes his proposal off as a joke. He chases her to the elevator and tells her that if she leaves, they are over. And some slow-mos and face close-ups later, she steps into the elevator like the strong independent woman that she is (that’s right…you go girl!).

I would totally say yes to this
But apparently it wasn't enough for Miss Famous Model...

So Xiao Ru reads the letter at the bar, where Jie Xiu is wallowing his rejection with alcohol and she can’t believe what is happening. She drags her luggage out and chases after Yi Xiang, who is getting into a cab. She tells him that she will never let him go and will stick with her no matter what. He takes her luggage and….

Wow...what a way to break up with someone.

Dumps all her things in the fountain!!! That was such a surprising and intense scene…I totally did not expect that from a Taiwanese drama. And when she climbs in the fountain to retrieve the plane ticket and literally begs him not to leave her…that I must say…was Rainie Yang’s best performance to date.

Sigh...why are the good looking ones always so bad??

So Jie Xiu sees Xiao Ru and helps her back inside the hotel. They’re both drinking and wallowing in self-pity when Jie Xiu decides that they shouldn’t waste any more time; they both should get married to each other.

Then we go through a whirlwind of drunken activities and them going to city hall and getting married for real. The next day, Jie Xiu wakes up in his house and Xiao Ru wakes up in the hospital with a twisted ankle, and both slowly begin to piece together what happened last night. Xiao Ru shows up at his house and thus begins our drunken married couple’s adventure to fall in love with each other.

It’s a pretty basic, predictable setup so far…but I look forward to the twists and the cute funny scenes that will eventually lead them to imaginary drama love.


One thought on “Drunken To Love You Recap [Ep. 1]

  1. Kingone is NOT pretty, but the boy can pull off a suit, especially a uniform. (mmmm) This Jie Xiu actor is sooooo ugly, face-wise, body-wise, hair-wise. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the show because of the obstacle of needing to de-sensitize myself to his face. I shall read your recaps instead.

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