Lie to Me (2011) Kdrama Episode 4

This episode was funny because of Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, but seriously, the story is getting so stale. (At least My Princess had Song Seung Hyun.) I’m not feeling the chemistry between the leads yet. I’m really hoping the two brothers won’t be liking Ah Jung… loving the same woman, yet again. Because, if that happens, the brothers have some issues they need to work out. Seriously speaking, if this was any other summer vacation, I’d probably stopped watching this after episode 3 and just read other people’s recaps. But this summer, I’m somewhat unemployed and just chilling at home. Besides, it’s Yoon Eun Hye.


When we last left, Ah Jung was at World Hotel with Sang Hee. She wakes up and leaves the room with Sang Hee, to which Ki Joon’s secretary starts to think that she has a boyfriend. (Another rumor?) Sang Hee decides to help Ah Jung and shows up at his brother’s doorsteps. The Hyun family is reunited!

The three are eating, but Ki Joon is interrupted by a call from the office. Some Chairman from China, who they are counting on to invest in their Shanghai venture, is coming to Korea. Rather than booking a room with World Hotel, the Chairman had reserved a room with another hotel. Ki Joon and the secretary are wondering why.

Later that night, Sang Hee visits his brother again, this time, with Soju. (Is Mr.1990 even 21 yet? Is he allowed to drink? I mean, the actor looks much older than 20/21, but apparently he’s playing a 27 year old in the drama… 24 I would believe, but 27? He doesn’t look THAT old.) The two reminisce about old times, and we get more flashbacks of how Sang Hee was super upset that his brother was going to marry the love of HIS life. This drama thinks we’re stupid. We get the back story already, stop it with the obvious flashbacks. They’re so pointless. So much for subtlety.

At Ah Jung’s home, her father confronts her about her situation. She becomes a bit defensive, but explains to her father the angst she’s been keeping inside. It’s not that she wants to get married, it’s that her “friend” is married and she isn’t. She’s not doing this because of marriage, she’s doing this out of spite. (Oy, tough father-daughter situation here. Mr.Gong probably has no idea how to handle this.) And also just as an FYI, we find out that Mr.Gong is one of the most respected law professors in Korea. He’s a scholar on the Korean Constitution, and it seems Cha Jae Bum, Ah Jung’s first love, was a pupil of his in Law School.

Sang Hee then decides to take Ki Joon to their parents’ grave site. I like that the two are not awkward about that whole we-loved-the-same-woman past and genuinely love each other. Sang Hee drives Ki Joon’s car on the way home, but tricks Ki Joon into buying some vegetables from the ahjummas on the road side. Once Ki Joon gets out of the car, Sang Hee drives off, leaving our CEO in the middle of the suburbs. Sang Hee then goes to pick up Ah Jung, and takes her to receive the arriving Chairman from Shanghai. This is all in his plan to help Ah Jung “marry” his brother. So then we get this whole super awkward sequence of terrible mandarin being exchanged by Sang Hee, the chairman, and the chairman’s wife. (You know, I feel like there are plenty of Koreans who can speak mandarin, how about hiring some of those to be the Chairman+wife? It was like watching an awful American movie. The accents were so baaaad.) The Sang Hee actor, who I like to call Mr.1990, actually speaks very good english. He says “Relax, Aunt” earlier in the episode, so I feel like either he’s very good at faking an American accent, or he’s probably American-raised.

Ki Joon’s secretary who was suppose to pick up the Chairman spots Yoon Joo, Ki Joon’s ex-fiancee, and takes off mindlessly to look for her. He misses the Chairman coming out of the airport, and is in big trouble when he returns to the hotel.

The Chairman is on a second honeymoon with his wife. Sang Hee takes Ah Jung to bond with the old Chinese couple, and it seems Mrs. Chairman takes a liking to our silly Ah Jung. (It’s odd that Mrs. Chairman thinks she and Ah Jung are bffl’s now considering Ah Jung couldn’t understand a word of the terrible mandarin she was saying to her… awkward.) The Chairman couple decides to change their hotels and stay at World Hotel instead. So now, Ki Joon is forced to fake marry Ah Jung. His business ventures in China depends on it! He takes off to look for her. (We get these weird face shots of the actors that I’m not too fond off. We get it, they’re shocked, wth is wrong with this drama and being NOT subtle.)

Ah Jung is in a OB/GYN clinic with her “friend” So Ran. So Ran has a cyst and told Ah Jung that because her husband is so busy, she didn’t have anyone to go with. Ah Jung rolls her eyes are all of this and ask her straight up, what is it that So Ran wants from her now. So Ran wants to meet Ki Joon. Ah Jung’s had enough and was about to leave the restaurant that they were sitting at, when in comes Mr.CEO.

LOL. THIS forced awkward smile and wave was classic. Kang Ji Hwan is great. He comes in and tells Ah Jung he needs to talk to her, because he’s her HUSBAND. Ah Jung cringes, thinking nothing good can come from him looking for her. So Ran is stunned, and we end the episode with the two leads back at the paddle boat and Ki Joon telling Ah Jung that they should get married.


Eh… the story is way too slow. Do they not understand they need to speed up the predictable process so that they don’t lose viewers? The episode 4 ending was predictable. So now he wants to pretend marry her, ok… we were expecting that since episode 1. IT does not need 4 episodes of set up to get to this point. The endless, yet useless, flashbacks take up so much time. We get a sequence of Yoon Joo thinking back to how Ki Joon breaks off their engagement/wedding. We already saw this scene once before, and we’re only on episode 4. Jeez, this drama really underestimates its audience. We GET IT.PLEASE KEEP IT MOVING. UGH, I’ll give it two more episodes and if it doesn’t improve, I’ll just read other people’s recap instead of watching. >_> Makes more room so that we can recap City Hunter next week.


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