Lie to Me (2011) Kdrama Episode 3

This drama is boring me. Ugh. Pick up the pace already, and it’s getting so silly that I cringe when I watch it. Too bad my internet connection has been pretty slow lately, else I’d be able to fast forward.


So we begin the episode with Ah Jung hearing So Ran tell her that “The law of the universe” dictates that she must never marry better than So Ran. Ah Jung walks out of the bathroom behind So Ran, sees Mr. World Hotel CEO and calls him “Yeobo.” He gets angry, So Ran collapses from cramps, and is carried off by her husband. Ah Jung runs after So Ran in an effort to avoid Ki Joon. (Sigh, so typical, I’m getting sick of the set up. How many times does this drama need to have these awkward set ups.)

So the next day, Ki Joon is questioned by his Aunt, the hotel chairman, about these events, and he promised her that they’re just petty rumors. (Kang Ji Hwan is so cute in this scene, all smiley.) The secretary hints to us that the Aunt can be relentless in her pursuit against the women Ki Joon is involved with. After the Aunt leaves, Ki Joon goes off to seek a lawyer. He gets to the lobby of the law firm, meets Mr. Cha, who is Ah Jung’s first love, and leaves even more angry thinking that the two (Ah Jung and her first love) are scheming against him.

On Ah Jung’s end, she can’t concentrate on her work and is tormented by her daydreaming… more like nightmares… of being cuffed and taken into the police station for marriage fraud. She gets a phone call from her “husband” who tells the office secretary that he’s waiting downstairs for her. The entire office is shocked that she is even married. She leaves and finds that it’s Sang Hee. She is relieved and Sang Hee tells her office colleagues that he’s just her dongseng, younger sibling. Her office colleagues pity her that she has to use her younger brother to lie about her marital status… jeez, why so much hate.

Sang Hee tries to apologize for ditching her, but Ah Jung angrily eats her macaroons. Just then, Jae Bum (So Ran’s husband/Ah Jung’s first love) walks in and recognizes her. He keeps interrogating her about her husband, while Ah Jung stuffs her face with food. Sang Hee sees this and realizes that Jae Bum is Ah Jung’s first love. Then there’s this whole useless park scene before Sang Hee goes to visit Yoon Joo’s house. Yoon Joo’s is that girl the brothers fought over. She’s apparently in Paris, France… as demonstrated by the “French” people in this scene below who are wishing her a happy birthday.

The next day, the chief executive of the Tourism department takes Ah Jung out to lunch for having to suffer such embarrassment for the Bee hive incident. He felt bad the whole department placed the blame on her etc. He takes her to lunch at World Hotel and Ah Jung starts hallucinating seeing Ki Joon. She feels super guilty and wonders why he hasn’t actively come to seek her out. She does bump into him, and they cause this whole unnecessary scene as she tries to get him to talk to her… again dear drama, you do not need this, it was so pointless, ugh, this show is borderline stupid now.

Some time later, Ah Jung goes to visit So Ran in the hospital, meaning to go and tell her the truth, that she’s not actually married to Ki Joon. But of course, So Ran is too much of a bitch, and Ah Jung instead ends up rubbing everything in her face.

In another scene, it is revealed that Ah Jung’s father has a complicated romantic relationship with Miss Ae Kyung, the coffee shop owner. He takes her out for the movies, but has to leave. So Ae Kyung calls Ah Jung out to hang with her at the sauna. We’re told that Ah Jung had vehemently been against her father getting married in the past. But now, she’s turned a new leaf and asks her father why he isn’t marrying Ae Kyung.

(Old ppl go on dates too :).. hehe.)

So Ran is being discharged from the hospital, but her husband has work and cannot pick her up. She throws a fit, but realizes that her husband instead contacted her friends to go pick her up. (JEEZ, she is such a bitch, how can such a smart man stand her.) They go to her house, she shows off her expensive wine, but the mood is disrupted when one of her friends confront So Ran about how badly she’s been treating Ah Jung. This group of women need to get jobs or something, way too much time on their hands spent being jealous of this and that.

At Ah Jung’s office, she receives a court summon (??) stating a defamation case for her spreading rumors about Ki Joon. She tries to go look for him, but he refuses to see her. His secretary threatens to call security after her. She leaves, seething. However, Ki Joon doesn’t think she’ll give up just like that. She’s a woman that makes no sense. And sure enough, there’s a guest that has checked into a single guest room who has been complaining non-stop. Finally, her plan worked and she gets to talk to Ki Joon. His hotel staff’s like… why is a couple’s spat causing so much trouble… lol.

She asks Ki Joon to marry her for just one month. It seems like she’s planning something to get back at So Ran. Ki Joon obviously refuses and walks away.

So that night, she drinks and wails and calls up Sang Hee to drink with her. He sees her like this, and she reveals that she’s still very angry at So Ran. For the past three years, she hasn’t been able to date or think about dating because of the incident. She wants revenge.

Sang Hee contemplates helping her, and when she wakes up, he asks her, do you really want to be married to Ki Joon? If you do, I can help.


I AM BORED.. Can something please happen. This drama is kinda sucking. Ugh. I am actually liking the romance between Mr. Gong and Ae Kyung more than this merry-go-round between the leads. >_> BORING!.


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