Lie to me (2011) Kdrama Episode 2

Yoon Eun Hye puts a smile on my face. She is so cute and best suited for these quirky roles. The two leads have chemistry, but Eun Hye also goes well with Mr.1990!!! Oh, the dilemma. But the drama isn’t spectacular. The storyline is so predictable and I wish they’d pick up the pace since we all know what’s going to happen. I’m getting bored already, and it’s only episode 2.


THE story starts out with Mr.Ki Joon, hotel CEO/full time OCDer, getting super angry that a pitiful rumor would spread about him marrying Ah Jung. He catches her as she’s walking down the streets to try to clear this up, but she laughs in his face. She thinks it’s ridiculous, but doesn’t think it’s any of her fault, so why should she care? He gets angry and sends his secretary to seek a lawyer to see whether he can sue Ah Jung for defamation. (Conceited much?) The lawyer the secretary finds is no other than the sunbae that was Ah Jung’s first love. (That’s confusing, civil servants become lawyers?)

Anyways, cut to the cute parts, Ah Jung has a dream at work and realizes that she may have been the one that started the rumor by telling her vixen of a friend that she is married. Ki Joon comes looking for her at her work place, to her displeasure, and she hides behind a standing poster. Her imagination starts to act up as she plans different ways to escape, and the different ways he catches her. (Pun much?) Finally, some minister person goes up to her and asks what she’s doing.

She comes out from behind the poster to greet the minister, and quickly realizes she can use him to escape. She starts to talk about some new plans she has to combine tourism and ecology(??) and is like “Oh, let’s walk and talk.” Ki-Joon sees her, and realizes she must have a guilty conscience.

Ah Jung goes to some cafe to talk to this ahjumma who won’t hear her out, but while there, she meets Sang Hee, Mr.1990 (OMG, he looks waaaay older). He takes an interest in her, but she’s like, she does not need this, she’s already got some crazy hotel chaebol stalking her. She later contacts Ki-Joon and they meet by the riverside where she decides to take him paddle boating. She claims that this is the most private place she can think of to take him so no one will see them.

I don’t blame Ki-Joon for looking disgusted, that boat is so gross. People stick gum on the seats!! (I’m not even there and I’m feeling gross, my OCD’s kicking in.) So they try to talk it through, he tries to be nice, she’s being silly. A couple in a nearby paddle boat starts to fight and the woman falls into the water. Ah Jung, who doesn’t even know how to swim, jumps in to save the woman. Obviously, Ki-Joon must then jump in after her to save HER. Haha, so much for trying to keep it on the down low. After all of that, he realizes he lost his keys and wallet and Ah Jung drives him home. (His pants were too loose, her tight jeans kept her keys in tact… lol, who knew skinny jeans could be useful like that.) When they arrive at his house, he invites her in to dry off. She accepts his offer, but walks around looking like this:

all as an effort to try to stay incognito… (That mah dear will only attract more attention lol_ Yoon Eun Hye is so funny.) The two agree that she will show up to a hotel party to confess to everyone that she is in fact, not married to Ki-Joon.

Sang Hee meets up with Ah Jung to apologize to her for “losing” her resignation paper. His Hyung used it to wipe his butt. (This drama is so over the top with toilet humor.) She’s angry that her pride has been literally wiped away, and storms off. He grabs her and binds her in a bear hug. (There was one time, many years ago, when something like this would make me swoon, but right now, it makes me yawn.) She pulls away, a little confused, and is like, “this is a civil offense.” LOL. (All jokes aside, it really is.) But after a bunch of school girls swoon over Sang Hee like he’s godiva chocolate, she changes her mind and allows him to make it all up to her. She’s going to bring him as her date to the hotel party. He agrees, not knowing what hotel/what party she’s even talking about.

She picks him up that night, he checks her outfit, and takes her on an obligatory shopping trip.  (LOL)

This drama is very self aware. Her entire outfit costs her 2.4 milllion won, what is the currency exchange, like 1 dollar to 100 won, still a butt load of money. She pays for it unwillingly and puts it on a 12 month repayment plan. Jeez, for THAT dress? I’m sorry, it’s ugly. It DOES make her look like a snake, but I didn’t know snakes were IN now.

She arrives at the hotel, but Sang Hee, realizing he might’ve set himself into a trap, runs off. She runs after him and messes up her hair. At that moment, the vixen of a friend that stole her first love storms into the hotel demanding to know if the CEO is really married to Ah Jung.

(omg, she’s so skinny too, pointy AND evil, great casting.)

And it just so happens that Ah Jung and the vixen both go into the same bathroom at the same time. The vixen is pissed off that Ah Jung is spreading a rumor, and after a bitch-fit about how the laws of the universe will not allow someone like Ah Jung to marry better than her, she storms out of the bathroom. (Jeez, if I were Ah Jung, I’d cut her vixen face off before she finished saying universe.) Ah Jung leaves the bathroom too and feels beaten. (Ugh, her friend is so bitchy, makes for a great smack down). So when she see Ki-Joon, she yells “Yeobo” (meaning hubby) loudly across the Hall so that EVERYONE can hear.


So predictable, but I’m watching because Yoon Eun Hye is so adorable in this drama. Her character has sass, and isn’t a weeping glop like Gil Ra Im in Secret Garden. She has a real job, she is smart, and she’s just super eccentric. The story, though, is so clique that I don’t know if an all star cast can save it. I’m hoping the writers will drink some red bull and come up with some more worthy story line next week. Come on, give your scripts some wings. I’m going to give it a few more episodes. If this doesn’t work out, I might be forced to just read other people’s recaps and not watch it… Oh, who am I kidding, IT’S SUMMER TIME, I’ll watch it even if it sucks.


2 thoughts on “Lie to me (2011) Kdrama Episode 2

  1. Apparently, it was Yoon Eun Hye’s idea to dress up inthe bg white coat with sunglasses during the boat scene..

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